Les Fêtes de Bayonne 2021

France’s biggest festival Les Fêtes de Bayonne
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    Les Fêtes de Bayonne 2021

    We’re experts at Bayonne festival, we have been partying with the French since our first days in this part of the world.

    Les Fêtes de Bayonne 2021

    We’re experts at Bayonne Festival, having partied with the French since our first days in this part of the world, waaaaay too many moons ago, and there will be no shortage of Stoke Travel party animals to show you the ropes – we all love this festival from the bottom of our livers.

    Includes a beautiful stay in the Stoke Surf House accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, experienced guides, transfers to and from Bayonne and one hell of an experience! Inspired by San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) in Spain, to the extent that they even copied the official outfit…Les Fetes de Bayonne’s party-goers wear all white with a red scarf and a red belt. The bulls even make an appearance during the festival. If you dare, you can jump into the ring with them, although the main aim is to get out alive and get back to the Stoke Travel bar in time for the campsite party!

    It all starts on a Wednesday night when the festival’s mascot, King Leon, throws Bayonne’s city keys from the town hall balcony down to the crowds below. This ceremony kicks off the 5 days and nights of non-stop partying, dancing, firework dodging and sangria drinking alongside some of the most delightful creatures France has to offer.

    There are carnival-like parades, tamborradas (an impressive parade of noisy drummers), Basque sport competitions, traditional Basque dance and music, as well as nightly concerts and fireworks displays.

    Get involved in French culture and join in on the world championship of bell pepper omelets held at the local market!


    Day One

    The beauty of staying at the Stoke San Sebastian Surf House is that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, your way, no two Stoke trips are the same so below find a sample itinerary of how you may spend your time with us in the Basque country.
    2pm: Well pick you up from the local train station and take you back to the Surf House to check in. If you arrive early, no worries! Have a beer on us, complimentary pick ups are from San Pelaio Train station in Zarautz. Please contact at least 24 hours prior.
    3pm: Our killer surf instructors will take you out for your first lesson in Zarautz, dont worry theyll have you tearing up the waves in no time!
    6pm: Free time to explore the town of Zarautz and the beautiful rolling hills it’s set upon or chill back at camp, enjoying the Spanish sunshine in all its glory.
    8pm: A delicious chef-prepared dinner is served. And spend the night hanging out, taking advantage of our unlimited beer and sangria

    Day Two

    8am: Wake up to a delicious cooked breakfast whether it be pancakes, bacon and eggs or a ham and cheese omelette.
    10am: Head straight down to the beach to make the most of that Summer morning surf! If you’re a beginner the instructors are there to help you and will have you standing up before you know it!
    2pm: Once youve worked up enough of an appetite to drag yourself away from the waves, well enjoy a takeaway lunch on the beach, prepared by our in-house chef! Wash it down with an ice cold beer, you know you deserve it!
    4pm: Well make our way to Zumaia to see its incredible rock formations (as seen on Games of Thrones)!
    8pm: After a full day, it’s back to the house for a nice hot dinner before the option of a party night out.
    10pm: Start the party with our unlimited beer and sangria and well make our way into San Sebastian for San Sebastian Jazz Festival, listen to the live music and stop off at a few of our favourite bars.

    Day Three

    8 – 10am: Wake up to a healthy hot breakfast
    Our surf guides will take you out for a surf.
    2pm: Well do some yoga and finish off with some beers in the sun.
    5pm: Explore San Sebastian with a boozy walking tour and more live jazz music
    8pm: It’s back for a hearty dinner, and kickass campsite party!

    Day Four

    8 – 10am: Wake up, munch down your healthy breakfast and jump into the van to head to Bayonne for Les Fete de Bayonne!!
    1pm: We’ll spend our days partying in the French streets, in the boutiqe bars, and quaint bistros
    Midnight: Our drivers will take us back to rest our weary heads

    Day Five

    8am: Wake up early for breaky, ready to spend the day surfing the waves
    10am: Have your 2 hour surf lesson with our awesome instructors
    2pm: If we can tear you away from the surf, well relax on the beach, maybe play some beach cricket or volleyball and enjoy our tasty lunch.
    7pm: Well head back to the campsite for our dinner
    10pm: Tonight well head into Zarautz and spend the evening listening to some live music and local djs.

    Day Six

    8am: Wake up for a healthy breakfast ready for the days surfing
    10am: Make your way down to the beach and head out into the waves to get some barrels
    2pm: For our afternoon activity well hike up the hills surrounding the Surf House for some stunning panoramic views of Aia, and Zarautz beach. Take a few beers and watch the sunset over the ocean.
    10pm: After a full day, it’s back to the Surf House for a nice hot dinner before the option of a party night out.

    Day Seven

    8am: Wake up to a delicious cooked breakfast and head back down to the beach, washing away the headaches (and mistakes) of the night before
    10am: Rip up the surf, soak up the sun and enjoy the beach.
    5pm: After lunch enjoy the relaxing life of Spain during the summertime watching the sunset from the hills over the Bay of Biscay.
    9pm: Head back to the camp for the last supper or experience a traditional Basque sidra house dinners as an extra.

    Day Eight

    8:00am: Wake up to your last delicious cooked breakfast
    Drop off mid-morning at the San Pelaio Station in Zarautz, its time to say goodbye to your new found friends!



    Trip Type:


    Address: Arrutiegia Auzoa, 26, Aia, Gipuzkoa

    We provide free transfers from SAN PELAIO station in Zarautz at 9:00am, 1:00 pm and 7:00pm.

    It’s important to let us know which one you’d like to jump on ahead of time! Make sure to add on a transfer when booking. If you haven’t booked one yet, please make sure you get in touch with us to do so prior to your arrival. If you are unable to make the last 7 pm free transfer or would like a pick up outside of the free pick up times, please call or email us to arrange to pick up for an extra charge.

    Email: surf@stoketravel.com

    Phone: +34 661 713 683


    Check Omio for the best deals on flights, buses and trains.

    If you fly to Bilbao:

    Buses leave hourly from Bilbao Airport to Zarautz (San Pelaio bus station). Or you can catch the Euskotren to San Pelaio Station in Zarautz, and jump in your pre arranged pick up from there!

    If you fly into Biarritz:

    The best way to get to Surf Camp from Biarritz International Airport is to take a French SNCF train to Hendaye, change to the nearby Euskotren station (located just outside the SNCF station) and take an Euskotren to San Pelaio, Zarautz for your pickup. Each train ride is between 30-40 minutes, with the total train trip costing less than €10.

    If you fly into San Sebastián:

    The best way to get to camp from San Sebastian airport is to take bus E21 or E23 bus from the airport to San Sebastian which run about every 30 minutes. Get off at the Amara bus stop. From here cross the road and jump on the Euskotren and head to San Pelaio train station. Make sure you let us know at least 24 hours before you arrive when to come and collect you from Zarautz!

    By Train:

    RENFE TRAIN – The train station in the centre of San Sebastián, the “Estación del Norte”, offers connections to numerous Spanish cities including Madrid and Barcelona, and to international destinations such as Paris and Lisbon. if you arrive by RENFE Train, jump on the Euskotren to San Pelaio Station for pre arranged pickup from there.

    EUSKOTREN – A train with connections to Bilbao and cities along the Basque Coast, such as Zarautz. This service also links to Hendaye (France) and the SNCF, French rail service, with Lasarte passing through Donostia. You can catch this train to San Pelaio, Zarautz from Bilbao.

    By Bus:

    If you arrive by bus in San Sebastian, simply walk across the road from the bus station to the Euskotren and jump on a train in the direction of Bilbao, to San Pelaio Train station in Zarautz for your pre-arranged pickup. 

    Yo party dudes, if you need an answer to your burning questions chuck your thoughts in the ‘Ask a Question Tab’ and we’ll put up a helpful answer here…

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    Hostel Accommodation

    Hostel Accommodation

    Stoke Surf House dorm style accommodation

    Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

    Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner, (vegetarians can be catered for)

    Awesome Guides

    Awesome Guides



    Surf Lessons & Equipment

    Surf Lessons & Equipment

    Welcome Drinks

    Welcome Drinks

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    Les Fêtes de Bayonne 2021
    This Trip is No Longer Available

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    Les Fêtes de Bayonne 2021 Gallery

    I had always wanted to experience Les Fetes de Bayonne in France, however was kinda afraid of doing it myself. Going on this trip was the perfect solution, cause I got transport from Spain and back, got to experience the bulls and best of all- the crazy street parties in, and then had the best time ever on this surfing trip!! For someone who has only ever surfed a couple of times before it was amazing because we had really good guides! It was a perfect amount of time, met the best people on this trip and can’t wait to do another trip with Stoke. There is such a variety! It was nice to go between France and Spain too as you get a mix of cultures. 10/10 trip


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