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    San Sebastian Surf Camp Yoga


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | May 16, 2018

    San Sebastian Surf Camp Yoga

    With daily classes at our surf camp, you can perfect your yoga skills in nature, amongst a backdrop of the Basque Hills behind San Sebastián

    We’ve been running yoga classes at our surf house now for as long as we can remember. There’s guided yoga every day as a part of our basic package (it’s included along with your surf lessons, all meals, surf gear hire, skateboards and skate ramp, new best friends for life, etc etc), or you can opt for the Bad Yogis package where you’ll spend two hours a day bending yourself beyond belief up on mountain tops, and in forests, and amongst some of the most stunning locales Europe has to offer. We’re yoga mad at the San Sebastian Surf Camp, it really balances out the unlimited beer, sangria and local cider some of us choose to sip on after a hard day’s shredding.

    Yin Yoga at the surf Camp studio

    Yin yoga is a good place to start for anyone wanting to get into yoga – yin is what your old man thinks yoga is, all slow movements, and stretching, and sitting down for a bit. Except, it’s so much more than that. Yin yoga is a great way to increase your flexibility, and is a good cure for when your joints are feeling a bit creaky and your muscles are half asleep. That’s why we like to start every morning off at the surf house with a calming yin yoga session in our surf camp studio – washing away the sins of the night before and getting prepped for a day of sun, surf and exploring our beloved San Seb.

    vinyasa yoga in the san sebastian suburbs

    Vinyasa is a little bit of a step up, when it comes to physicality, and is more of a an active style of yoga. Vinyasa flow can get you working up a bit of a sweat, which is why we like to get out and about in the great outdoors when we jump into a vinyasa class. Whether that be in the hills behind the surf house, looking out over the valley, or from clifftops in Zarautz, Zumaia or San Sebastian itself, watching the waves crash upon the shore, we figured what better way to connect your body with nature, than being right in the thick of it?

    beer yoga at zarautz beach

    Our final yoga style, you may not have heard of so much. It doesn’t quite have the historical background of our two other main yoga variations, but nonetheless has become pretty popular in the past ten years or so. While it may seem a bit of a joke, beer yoga is actually a great gateway into the realms of yoga for those who are a little uneasy, self-conscious or too downright stubborn to usually give it a try. After a big day of surfing, beer yoga at Zarautz beach can be the perfect way to unwind – or to kick things off, depending on how you wanna look at things.

    Surf House Yoga Stoke Style

    If yoga isn’t really you’re thing – and that’s fine, it’s not for everyone – don’t stress – we’ve got our very own version of surf house yoga, Stoke style!

    Rise and dazzle

    Get up, roll out of your REAL BED, flick your fingers to the sky and let out all the night’s juju in a big groan. Realise that some of your roommates are still sleeping and scurry outside to repeat. After each stretch scratch your belly and/or crotch.

    The meet and greet

    Spread your arms wide, hug the newcomers. Say Hola because you’re doing our Surf and Spanish trip and are pretty much fluent now. Lean in to kiss them on the cheek. Surprise them with a second kiss on the other cheek (this is Spain). Fuck the second kiss up and almost plant one on their lips. Live with that awkwardness for the rest of the trip/life. Repeat.

    The sandy crab

    Step onto the sand. Spread your legs wide and squat down. Rock from side to side. Fall. Roll in sand for a moment. Stand up again in squat position. Make hands like a crab’s claws. Swat at the sand on your body while shuffling from side to side still in the squat position. Repeat until you realise you ridiculous you look.

    Scuba Steve

    Enter water with surfboard. Approach oncoming wave with confidence. Mistime oncoming wave’s arrival. Go underwater. Stay there. Live on the bottom of the sea now. It’s your new home.

    The beer tap pull

    Stand behind beer tap with back straight. Reach forward with right hand, while holding beer glass in left hand at 45-degree angle. Adopt face of smug professional beer pourer. Pull tap towards body. Watch as glass somehow fills with foam. Make awkward joke about liking head. Sip from “beer” and adopt amazing white moustache. Not realise and continue talking to your amazing new surf camp friends.

    Digest the dinner

    Put both hands on your stomach. Appreciate it. Rub your hands all over your belly. Love it. Burp. Look around satisfied. Comment, How good is this! Unbutton your pants. Stand up slowly.

    The dance floor dog

    Plant both hands firmly into the dance floor. Spread your fingers wide. Lift your booty into the air. Shake it from side to side. Revel in the glory that is your rump shaking on one of San Sebastian’s finest dance floors. Slip on spilled gin. Bump your forehead on the dance floor. Let out a howl.

    Soak into the bed

    Lay flat on your back. Cross your hands across your chest. Feel the comfort of being in a real bed in a real house. Stare at the ceiling. Die a tiny death for the next eight hours. Wake up refreshed. Go back to step one.

    While we’re sure our yoga instructors won’t stick to these moves, you’ll definitely be pulling them off on your own every day at the San Sebastian Surf Camp. Come and join the fun, our yoga and surf instructors, chefs, camp crew and all your new best friends are waiting. Summer’s getting busy, better book soon.


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