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    Stoke Travel Springfest VIP Program

    Want the best vip Springfest experience? become a vip stokie and you could: get a “Comfort plus” upgrade at Springfest, score your friends open bar service for free, but most of all enjoy vip facilities at Springfest

    What does it all mean?

    If you’re the life of the party, or the sunshine on a cloudy day, then you could be just who we’re looking for for our Springfest VIP program. For the right candidates you will get:

    1. VIP check-in AND a free upgrade to Comfort Plus
    2. Give all of your friends who haven’t booked yet our open bar for FREE
    3. Allow you access to our VIP bar (cocktails and bar snacks)

    And it doesn’t cost you anything! Just fill out the form and we will tell you how you qualify to become a Springfest VIP.

    Springfest & Stoketoberfest 2023

    Right now, a month out from the event, we’re looking like having the biggest Springfest EVER, which means 1000 travelers, study abroad students and beer lovers partying together, both in Munich’s beerhalls and at our Stoketoberfest campsite. Stoketoberfest is our famous campsite party with the infamous open beer and sangria bar, where you party when you’re not at the beer halls (and if you’re a Springfest VIP your party will be just that much more fun). Check out the video below to see what it’s all about.

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