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Barcelona Boat Party and Cruises

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    April - September


    We hope you’re as excited for the most epic boat parties in all of Barcelona as much as we are!

    AN IMPORTANT NOTICE ON COVID-19 (the coronavirus): All our trips and experiences are COVID safe, and adhere to the latest government protocols.

    ⛵ Boats have reduced capacity for the moment with plenty of space to move around safely.
    😷 Masks are to be worn onboard by staff the whole time
    👏 Hand sanitizer will be provided at check in, before entrance, whilst on board and also when disembarking.
    😷 Masks are to be worn by customers at check-in, during boarding and disembarking,
    as well as any time they cannot safely social distance more than 1.5 metres

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    Map & Directions


    • Meeting Point: Meet at the private docking bay.  Look for the Red Fish Restaurant, and you will see the big white catamaran moored.  Moll de la Marina, 08005 Barcelona
    • Check In opens: 30 mins before sailing
    • Check in closes: 15 minutes before sailing


    Come fly to us

    Wherever you are in the world you can fly to Barcelona. Ryanair and Easyjet are budget favourites that fly to Barcelona regularly. One thing to remember is that Girona Airport which is sometimes the cheapest option is an hour by bus from downtown Barcelona.

    Choo choo train

    A great option if you’re coming to Barcelona from elsewhere in Spain, or from France. Check out Renfe for trains from within Spain and snfc for those departing within France.

    Buses are for legends

    Check Eurolines for international buses to Barcelona, or Vibasa for buses from within Spain.

    The closest metro line for Port Olympic sailings is the yellow line (L4) and the stop is Ciutadella | Vila Olímpica

    The closest metro line for Port Vell sailings is the green line (L3) and the stop is Drassanes

    Private sailing locations change regularly, please check your email.

    What’s Included

    ● 3 Hour cruise on our white catamaran
    ● BBQ Lunch 
    ● Swim break
    ● Welcome drink over BBQ

    Rules Suck BUT WE GOTTA HAVE ‘EM

    • We need all travelers names & emails, to save time at checkin please email them to
    • Late arrivals are not guaranteed a spot on the boat and a refund will not be given 
    • No smoking on board
    • 1 person in the bathroom at a time
    • Subject to weather conditions
    • Responsible drinking policies. Anyone exhibiting drunken behaviour will not be granted entry, or if on board already will not be
      granted further alcoholic drinks
    • NO JUMPING OFF THE BOAT outside of the swim stop. If you choose to do so, the Port Police will be waiting for you with a hefty fine
    • Sometimes the sea can be a bit rocky. If you are normally susceptible to sea sickness bring some tablets
    • No alcoholic drinks will be served before or during the swim stop
    • No hard liquors are served on board, only beer and sangria
    • Outside alcohol is not permitted on board
    • Alcohol is not served on board in port, bar will open once the boat has left the port
    • Zero drug tolerance. Licensed security guards will check personal belongings.

    Emergency number: +34 937 370 373

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    • Bathrooms on board
    • On board chefs for your included meal *applicable if you booked a boat with food

    We are living through a health epidemic, and while it isn’t of any particular danger to us, the greater community can really benefit from us being sensible.

    Please see below the following measures being taken to ensure your safety on board our events:

    – Our boats are running at less than 50% capacity for the moment ensuring plenty of space to move around safely.
    – Masks are to be worn when checking in, boarding, whilst on board and also on disembarkment.
    – Social distancing must be maintained for groups that did not arrive together
    – Hand sanitizer will be provided at check in, before entrance, whilst on board and also when disembarking.

    Dont forget to wash your hands, cough into your elbow, bring a mask and avoid touching your face, and don’t stop living your normal life unless the local authorities, or health specialists, advise you to do so. And if you come down with a cough, fever AND shortness of breath stay home, call the hospital, and await further instructions. 

    What to Bring

    • Covid-19 warnings advise everyone to wear a mask
    • Dress for success if you are going straight out afterwards, as a lot of clubs have a dress code
    • Your camera, you don’t want to miss any aw-ha moments
    • Sunglasses
    • Bring something warm as it can get chilly when the sun sets
    • Remember your swimmers if swimming is available on your selected cruise
    • If you get sea sick remember to take a tablet before you board.

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    Chilled BBQ Boat Party 

    30 minutes prior to sailing

    Check in directly at the boat in the private docking port in front of the Red Fish Restaurant. Moll de la Marina, 08005 Barcelona

    Sailing time

    3 hour cruise sets on a white catamaran, with BBQ and swim stop.


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