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Royal Ascot 2023

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    June 24

    Royal Ascot - Windsor Enclosure Package

    Ladies dust off your fascinators, Gents iron your best dress shirts…

    We hope you’re as excited for Royal Ascot 2023 as much as we are.

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    AN IMPORTANT NOTICE ON COVID-19 (the coronavirus): as per local government and international health body recommendations, this trip will be going ahead as normal. We do advise that all travellers follow the recommended protocols and maintain a high level of hand hygiene, avoid touching their mouths, and to stay at home if you have a fever, cough AND difficulty breathing. Let’s not panic, let’s keep on travelling, but let’s but sensible with our health, the health of our fellow travellers, and that of the greater community too.



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    Meet us at our check-in and then jump on our private coaches bound for Ascot! The nearest rail station to the check-in point is Clapham Junction. Our private busses will then take you to the Royal Ascot Windsor enclosure, once in the entry you will 

    Some important reminders!

    • Make sure you arrive at your check in time. Latecomers may not make the bus!
    • Royal Ascot Race Course drop off / Pick up – All stoke buses will drop you off and pick you up in the same location, in the same bus park 
    • Buses will depart Ascot Racecourse 19:00 SHARP, so we would recommend to start making your way to the Bus Park no later than 18:30

    Location: Ascot Racecourse, High St, Ascot SL5 7JX, UK


    • Return private coach from London to Royal Ascot (Pick up: Victoria Station)
    • Windsor Enclosure entrance ticket
    • Pre-party at the racecourse with full BBQ lunch and unlimited beer, wine and cider

    Don’t Forget 

    • Dress to impress! (It is recommended that ladies wear smart attire with a hat or fascinator and gentlemen wear a jacket, collared shirt and full-length trousers)
    • Make sure you bring your camera or remember to charge your phone, you don’t want to miss out on all the photo ops.
    • Please remember to bring your own picnic food for when you head into the race course, this must be in a hamper or cool bag.
    • Sparkling wine is the only alcohol permitted to bring into the venue with you (not a bubbly person? No worries, you can buy cocktails on site as well).
    • Bring cash with you as it’s difficult to get cash out when you are inside the races as it’s really busy.
    • If you have booked as a group but only have one ticket,  you do not all have to check in at the same time. If your group members are arriving at different times just forward them the ticket, so they can use it at check in. Our ticket system will count down every time it is scanned and once everyone has arrived the ticket will no longer be valid.
    • If you and your pals want to be on the same bus, it’s super important to CHECK IN TOGETHER! 

    Be a Guru

    • Betting with Ascot is the easiest way. Even if your horse doesn’t win. Choose from a range of simple, fun bets – and you’ll have a reason to cheer whatever happens. Bet with Ascot vouchers can be pre- purchased in denominations of £2, £5, £10 and £20. To order vouchers, please vitis or call 0344 346 3000.
    • Dress to impress! Check out The Official Royal Ascot dress code here
    • Please note: In addition to the guidance above, fancy dress, novelty and branded or promotional clothing is not permitted on site.
    • Important Race times: 

    • This year marks the first celebrity chef presence in the Windsor Enclosure, Neil Rankin has developed a tantalising menu of sizzling barbecue feasts available for his Temper restaurant.
    • Guests can also reserve picnic benches within the enclosure.

    • Many on-the-go outlets offer deli-style snacks and filling hot meals to enjoy whilst meeting friends and soaking up the atmosphere in between racing.
    • If you have booked as a group but only have one ticket, you do not all have to check in at the same time. If your group members are arriving at different times just forward them the ticket, so they can use it at check in. Our ticket system will count down every time it is scanned and once everyone has arrived the ticket will no longer be valid.


    • Seating in all the enclosures is on a first- come first- served basis
    • There are nine permanent cash points situated on the concourse level of the Grandstand
    • Toilets 
    • There are two Ascot shops at Windsor Enclosure. From foldable tables and chairs for summer picnicking to umbrellas and hand fans, from USB power banks to ballet pumps, the Ascot Shop has all eventualities covered. The shop also stocks a range of beautiful gifts and mementoes to take home. (open from 10.30am – 07.00pm)
    • At most of their race days there is live music either held within the bandstand or in a stage area throughout the grounds.
    • A range of on-the-go dining is available in the Windsor Enclosure, including deli-style snacks and filling hot meals at the Silver Street Food Market, plus a selection of bars
    • Download the Ascot app and share the occasion on social media using their free wifi


    *If at any time you feel unsafe, please don’t hesitate to contact the onsite Noble Security team, or any member of the Stoke Travel crew who will radio for security.

    As far as situations go, a Stoke Travel trip is amongst the safest. Unlike in the ‘real’ world, everybody here seems intent on having a good time and doing so with new and old friends – your fellow Stokies are way more likely to hold your hair back when you puke than lift your wallet.

    That being so, we’re more in danger of hurting ourselves while on a Stoke Travel trip than falling foul of our fellow travellers. Here’s a quick little guide to partying safe with Stoke Travel.

    We are living through a health epidemic, and while it isn’t of any particular danger to us, the greater community can really benefit from us being sensible. Wash your hands, cough into your elbow, avoid touching your face, and don’t stop living your normal life unless the local authorities, or health specialists, advise you to do so. And if you come down with a cough, fever AND shortness of breath stay home, call the hospital, and await further instructions. 

    1. Drink plenty of water.
      You’re going to drink plenty of champagne, and you’re going to have a plenty big hangover, but you can really limit it by smashing a few cups of water throughout the day and evening.
    2. Eat! We’re going to hook you up with a mini picnic, and as the bare minimum that should keep your stomach lined and engine running but feel free to bring along a feast as the day will be long and there will be plenty drinking involved. *Applicable if you booked the Royal Ascot package
    3. Don’t be a creep.
      Like, seriously, has that ever worked out for you? Similarly, if you see somebody being a creep and making people uncomfortable let us know and we’ll have a friendly word to them. Sometimes they just don’t realise how gross they are.
    4. If you see somebody having a bad time, make sure they’re ok.
      We are all brothers and sisters and gender non-specific relations out here, so if you see somebody struggling in any way check on them, grab a Stoke staff member and just do what any decent human being would do.

    Staying safe at Stoke Travel is super easy, but sometimes we get a little out of control and forget the basics. If you ever find yourself in any kind of situation do not hesitate to contact Stoke staff, or security, and we’ll sort you out immediately. We’re here to help – help you have the best time possible. Mwah.


    Need help? Travel Guru’s: +34 625304703

    Onsite +44 20 376 97366

    What to Bring




    8:00am – 9:30am 

    Doors open for check-in. It’s got to be 3pm somewhere… Champagne breakfast? We won’t judge you. Arrive for your allocated check-in time and be on your way to Ascot. Lizzie is waiting for you. Be 15 minutes early to make sure you’re on your way on time!



    Check-in closes, and along with it your dreams of a royal rager, if you’re running late.



    Buses start departing, now’s the time to mingle, to check out the outfits and the, ahem, talent.



    The busses arrive at Ascot. Find your space and grab something to drink (if you’ve already drank the bottle of bubbly we gave you) and eat (if you already ate the snack pack).


    2:00pm Royal Procession

    King goes around the racecourse waving to the crowd, did he catch your eye? Wave straight at you? Practice your royal wave to throw some House of Windsor signs back at her.



    Race begins, have you placed your bets? Are you going to end the day richer? And not just experiences richer, but richer in pound-pound-bills, y’all. 



    Race ends and the live entertainment begins. Take off your heels and undo your tie, this is the time when we boogie.



    Buses depart Ascot, make sure you relieve yourself at exactly 7:29pm to comfortably endure the short trip back to the big smoke.



    Buses arrive back in London, and those still standing are free to go party into the night! 

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