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    Advice For The Broke Traveler – How To Save Money On Your Trip

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | September 7, 2017

    While having tonnes of money would be great and all, we believe that the best experiences you’ll have travelling will be the ones that happen while you’re broke. Rather than staying in a nice hotel, you’ll end you crashing on the floor in the house of some really fucking cool people that you just met, and instead of drinking cocktails in nice bars, you’ll end up dancing in the sand with an incredible group of people, drinking wine that tastes like vinegar. With that said, it can get a little hard to actually survive when you have no money at all so here are a few tips to help you along.

    Find Free Accommodation

    Asides from food and water, some sort of structure to live in is one of the most important essentials while travelling and unfortunately also one of the most expensive. Best way to save money on something is to just not spend it right? As it turns out, it’s actually not that difficult to find free accommodation.

    Option numero uno is to head to a bar and take your pick but that’s maybe morally not cool and also not completely reliable and soo option numero duo is couchsurfing.

    Couchsurfing is a website set up for travellers who are either currently travelling or stationary. The idea is that hosts offer up a space in their place for you to crash for free. A way of broke travellers helping out other broke travellers.

    Numero.. threeso? Is Workaway. Workaway is website for travellers who are planning to stick around in spot for more than a month. You put in the location and dates and tonnes of jobs will pop up, anything from hostel work, to working with children, or dog sitting generally in exchange for a bed and maybe food, or things like surf lessons if you’re at a surf camp or yoga classes if you’re at a yoga retreat.

    Last and also probably least is a night bus. If you’re going to have to go on a long bus journey you may as well do it over night instead of wasting a day and paying for accommodation that night. However, it’s really hard to sleep on those things, so just make sure you’re not doing anything that requires a huge amount of moving or brain activity the next day.

    Find Cheap Transport

    Another major expense is getting from one place to another. Buses and trains definitely add up and so saving on transport costs can be majorly helpful to your travelling budget. First option is hitch hiking. It may seem terrifying and stupid but actually, for the most part, it’s totally safe and really good fun. Make a sign, head to a good spot along the way and just wait. How long you’ll have to wait completely depends on the country but it’s usually not as long as you’d expect. Golden rule – asides from only doing it during daylight – is to trust your gut. If someone seems dodgy, don’t get in their car.

    If the idea or the uncertainty of hitchhiking just isn’t your thing, another good option is BlaBlaCar. BlaBlaCar is a ride sharing website where people who are driving from one place to another with free spots in their car put up their journey on the website for a price. It’s always quicker than public transport because you can get straight from one place to the other and also definitely cheaper.

    Be A Scab

    Most important thing is to just accept the fact that you’re broke and let people pity you. There will always be a free food cupboard in hostels and while it may consist mostly of rice and salt, rice and salt is filling. If everyone’s going out for dinner, eat some of your rice and join them for the social aspect, chances are they’ll look at you all unwashed and malnourished and give you some of their food and probably buy you a drink or two.

    Don’t buy sunblock or shampoo or shower gel. Most hostels will have some left over shampoo or shower gel in the hostel and they’re basically the same thing anyway so you won’t need to buy either. Sunblock is crazy expensive but again, people always leave some behind in hostels so you’ll probably never actually have to buy it (Ed’s note: don’t get sunburnt and potentially die from skin cancer just because you’re being a tightarse).

    Last of all, don’t buy drinks out. Get drunk before you go and you’ll save shit tonnes of money. Or if you’re at a beach bar, the sand is great for hiding things. Take a bottle along with you, bury it in the sand somewhere, and whenever you feel like you’re getting sober enough to remember your real life, pop out for a mouthful of buried treasure.

    Don’t Get Robbed

    Definitely don’t get robbed!

    Now that you’ve got a better idea of how to travel with no money at all really, get out there and enjoy being a smelly broke traveller!

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