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    Ways To Save Money For Your Travels

    Backpacking Europe » Before You Go

    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | September 7, 2017

    Ways to save money for your trip. Saving your pennies isn’t easy everything is so fun, and seemingly expensive, but it’s not impossible, and if you follow our tips you’ll come in hot with a pocket full of change.

    Get A Job

    Definitely the best way to save some money, is to have an actual income. Find a job and commit to it. Work as much over time as you can. If anyone needs someone to cover their shift, do it. The more you work, the more money you’ll save and the less you’ll spend because you’ll be stuck in work all the time with nothing to spend it on anyway. The relief and feeling of absolute freedom when you finally tell them you’re quitting and going travelling will be that much better knowing you’ve saved as much as you possibly can and you’re finally out of that hell hole.

    Stop Having Fun

    Think of how much fun you can have on your trip if you stop having fun until your trip. Stop all the drinking and drug taking, no more paying into over priced clubs, don’t buy any unnecessary new clothing – it’ll only end up destroyed by the end of your trip anyway. We know it’s hard and you’re getting impatient and you just want to have some fun but it’s for the greater good; you’ve got to think of future you.

    Move Back In With Your Parents

    If you’re living alone like an independent legend consider regressing and plan on moving back in with your parents for a couple of months before you head O.S. Rent is a massive expense, and that couple of months rent is at least an extra two months of travelling. Plus sneaking lovers in through your bedroom window and raiding your dad’s hash stash can give you a giddy little thrill and better prepare you for hostel life.

    Sell Your Stuff

    Most people accumulate a lot of stuff that might just be described as shit. Most of that shit you probably don’t need. The camera you bought when you thought you wanted to try photography, the iPad you bought because apple made you think that you need a phone, a laptop and a shittier combination of the two. Sell them, just let them go, you’ll have way more fun using that money than you will staring resentfully at an unused iPad and camera. And as for all the clothes you’ve accumulated – a rich tapestry that transcends seasons, looks, epoques and price points – get rid of it all! Clear house (after you’ve packed your backpack, obviously). You can reinvent yourself when you return.

    Bring Instant Coffee To University/Work/At Home

    If you’re a university student, you probably buy a dangerous amount of coffee everyday. Instead, buy a Keepcup, a tin of instant coffee and keep them in your locker. Most universities and workplaces have kettles around the place and if not, get a cheap one to shove in your locker too or else use the hot water at your university’s cafe. Also, if you’re not American or European, chances are you’ve got an electric jug at home (note to American and Europeans: the rest of the world finds your water-boiling methods bizarre).  You’ll have plenty of time, and now money, to drink good coffee when you’re backpacking through Europe, just stick to whatever shitty stuff will keep you awake for now.

    Cycle / Walk

    Stop wasting your money on buses and trains and start using that bike that’s been rusting away since New Years or just get up an hour earlier each day and walk. Plus all that extra exercise will stand by you when you’re sunbathing on the beaches of Europe. What price can you put on head-turning pins and jaw-dropping buns? About $60 a week if you live in Sydney.

    Stokie Says:

    Buy a lunch box – Stop buying all your meals out, it’s stupid. Get a lunch box, go to a supermarket and learn how to cook for yourself. If you generally eat lunch out everyday, cutting that out could probably pay for a decent amount of your trip. Why eat out in our home town everyday when you could save that money for eating all the different delicious foods you’ll come across in europe?” Josephine, writer, 20, Ireland

    Stick to these tips and you’ll be splashing the cash, throwing tomatoes, downing beers, sunbathing and partying in Europe in no time!

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