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Karneval in Sitges

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Fat Tuesday is the same as Mardi Gras (it’s literally the translation), and just like in New Orleans Sitges goes fully debauched for the occasion – with outlandish costumes, a…

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Warum der Karneval in Sitges der schwulste ist

Stoke Travel’s Sitges Carnival bus trip is the biggest event of the winter, with more than 1000 party animals joining us every year. In fact, we sold out last year…



Unweit von Barcelona an der Straße nach Valencia liegt Sitges, ein atemberaubender Badeort und die schwule Hauptstadt Europas. Sitges ist die perfekte Mischung aus Katalonien,…


Carnival In Spain

Have you noticed all the feather boas around at the moment? All the face painting and face masks and fancy dress and dancing parades? It’s because it’s currently carnival! That…


Sitges Carnival 2020 From Barcelona

Ride from Barcelona to Sitges for Spain’s most flamboyant Carnival   Do you know what New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and Rio’s Carnival have in common? They’re both the same goodamn…


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