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    Want to be a travel influencer?

    We’re giving Content Creators and aspiring travel influencers the chance to grow their brand whilst enjoying the trips and experiences in the Stoke Travel universe

    The Chosen One: Under The Influence

    Want to live your best life travelling Europe’s wildest festivals and most picturesque travel destinations, while building your personal brand, cementing your reputation as a travel-focused Content Creator and making cash cash money?

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    But keep scrolling afterwards to really understand how you’ll win

      The inaugural Chosen One: Under The Influence competition will give one lucky digital creator the chance to live their best life, enjoy Europe’s wildest festivals and most stunning destinations, grow your personal brand, following all while becoming a preferred Stoke Travel ambassador. 

      We’re looking for:

      • Someone who can engage travel-focused audiences and compel them to join us somewhere in the Stoke Travel universe,
      • Someone whose personal brand and values aligns with Stoke Travel’s,
      • Someone whose lust for life and travel will keep them excited to be on the road for weeks and months at an end,
      • Someone who can do it all and maintain the same energy that they have at the start of the summer as well as when it wraps up.

      What you’ll win:


      1. Fill out the entry form NOW and let us know how we can check out your social media game
      2. If you’re selected to enter the main round we’ll send you an email that will have instructions on the next steps
      3. Prepare some content that shows Stoke Travel that you know how to engage an audience. Let’s see how well your brand aligns with ours,
      4. Post that content to Instagram Reels and/or TikTok making sure to tag @stoketravel and #GetStoked #ChosenOne #UnderTheInfluence. If you don’t tag us we won’t see your entry,
      5. Start promoting your content across social media! The five posts with the most social media engagement will automatically become The Chosen One 2024 finalists,
      6. We will then contact all finalists to enter into the interview process to decide on a lucky winner.

      NOTE: while this is a popularity contest we are looking for creators whose brand aligns with ours. That means that it doesn’t matter if you have 1000 or 1,000,000 followers, we want to see how engaged you can get them.

      What Should I submit to win THe Chosen One: Under The Influence 2024?

      Most simply, any video content that is going to catch our judges’ eye and get the most interaction on social media.

      Maybe it’s a video of your travels, a montage of adventures, a song, a dance, a sketch… ANYTHING!

      But it really, really, really, should feature some of you and show us who you are and what your personal brand is all about. It should show us and the world how you do your thing and it has to make our judges notice you, what you’re about and your ability to get the audience’s attention.

      And don’t forget to tag @stoketravel and #GetStoked #ChosenOne and #UnderTheInfluence

      The five entries with the MOST social media interaction will automatically enter the finals. 

      This means that you need to not only share your entries far and wide, but also encourage your friends, family, frenemies and acquaintances to like, comment on and share your entry too. PLUS be mindful of creating content that engages as broad an audience as possible. This is 2024 – we need to see that you can promote yourself (and Stoke Travel hehe).

      Then the finalists will meet with the Stoke Travel marketing team. 

      We’ll be looking for creativity, style, sense of humour, ability to have fun and encourage others to have fun. We’ll be choosing the creators that best suit the vibe of our festivals and events – because at the end of the day all we want is the best on-site experience for our Stoke Travel travellers!

      We’ll be counting your engagement on Monday the 26th and contacting the finalists after that. The winner will be announced on the 1st of March.

      And if I don’t win The Chosen One: Under The Influence…

      If you don’t place first, you’ve got nothing to fear! No one loses at Stoke. There is a world of possibilities open to all of our entrants. We’re always looking for content creators to be Stoke ambassadors and to join us on events, plus as we’re in FUNemployment February we’ll be running more competitions and employment opportunities in the coming weeks.

      Are You Ready to Join Stoke This SUMMER? We Promise It’s Going to Be Loose.

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