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Andorra Ski Weekends

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22 - 24 Jan, 12 - 14 Feb, 12- 14 Mar


We hope you’re as excited for Andorra ski weekends as we are!

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hotel address

The Meet us there trip does NOT include return transport from Barcelona, so you will be making your own way to and from the hotel.  It does however include transport from the hotel to the slopes and back on ski days. If you want to upgrade to the all inclusive package contact

Hotel Panorama – Ctra. de l’Obac, 64, AD700 Andorra la Vella, Andorra

ski run address 

Pal-Arsinal Ski Resort – Pal Arinsal Estacion De Ski Snow 


  • 2 nights accommodation in a 3 star hotel with swimming pool and Jacuzzi*
  • Daily hot breakfasts
  • Delicious dinner on Friday night with wine and water included
  • Lift Ski Pass (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Ski equipment (boots, poles, skis, not clothing)
  • Stoke guides
  • Guide led Night out with party-loving internationals!
  • Optional add-ons: Snowboard €20, Ski Insurance €24, Ski classes €65
  • Important: This trip does NOT include return transport from Barcelona, so you will be making your own way to and from the hotel.  It does however include transport from the hotel to the slopes and back on ski days

*Note in the case that we change hotels because of capacity some amenities may not apply

Don’t forget

  • Cash
  • Passport
  • Swimmers  – at most of our hotels we have a swimming pool and a jacuzzi 
  • Let us know of any rooming requests prior to the trip at the email below
  • If you are not on the all inclusive trip, remember to book your own transport to and from the hotel from wherever you are travelling from


  • Ski insurance – €24 (Highly recommended)
  • Snowboard rental – €20 surcharge
  • 2 day ski classes – €65
  • Double-room upgrade per night – €20 pppn (€40 per person for entire trip)
  • Barcelona City Break (additional night in Barcelona) –  €45, including breakfast 


  • We will ski in the resort of Pal-Arinsal: 63 kms of runs: 4 green, 16 blue, 16 red, 5 black
  • Andorra is a tax free principality meaning that shopping is tax free. If you want to go shopping we recommend you do so Friday afternoon after we arrive. It’s the only time you’ll really get when we’re not on the slopes or partying
  • We highly recommended Ski insurance.  We have a discounted Insurance package available for €24 which covers you whilst skiing only (note it does not cover falling off a table whilst drunk on a night out)
  • If you do have your own ski/snowboard equipment you qualify for a discount of €20 euros
  • Never been skiing before? No worries, a bunch of us will be doing ski classes, they are 3 hours on the Saturday and 3 hours on the Sunday, so you’ll not only learn to ski/board properly, but you’ll also have time pre/post lessons to try out the slopes on your own or with your mates
  • You can choose who you room with, we have 3/4/5 bed rooms allocated to us, so be sure to let us know who you want to room with beforehand if you have a preference. Email to do so 


  • Free Wi-FI
  • 24-hour reception
  • Pool & jacuzzi*
  • Tourist information
  • Luggage storage
  • Laundry service
  • Ironing service
  • Room service
  • Bar
  • Vending machine (snacks)
    *In the case of late bookings, other hotels may be used which may not have the same amenities


*If at any time you feel unsafe, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Stoke Travel crew

As far as situations go, a Stoke Travel trip is amongst the safest. Unlike in the ‘real’ world, everybody here is intent on having a good time with new and old friends – your fellow Stokies are way more likely to hold your hair back while you puke than steal your wallet.

That being so, we’re more in danger of hurting ourselves while on a Stoke Travel trip than falling foul of our fellow travellers. Here’s a quick little guide to partying safe with Stoke Travel.

  1. We are living through a health epidemic, and while it isn’t of any particular danger to us, the greater community can really benefit from us being sensible. Wash your hands, cough into your elbow, avoid touching your face, and don’t stop living your normal life unless the local authorities, or health specialists, advise you to do so. And if you come down with a cough, fever AND shortness of breath stay home, call the hospital, and await further instructions. 
  2. Drink plenty of water – There’s a high chance after a big day on the slopes you’ll hit the beers, meaning you’re probably going to have a plenty big hangover, but you can really limit it by smashing a few cups of water throughout the day and evening.
  3. Remember to eat – We’re going to hook you up with 2 hearty breakfasts and one dinner, and as the bare minimum that should keep your stomach lined and engine running. Do not skip these meals, even if you are suffering horrifically from one of the aforementioned hangovers. We also strongly advise getting a lunch in there too, maybe even every day. Being out on that fresh pow is hungry work! 
  4. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits – As far as the ski runs go, there are some that are pretty advanced. Make sure you stick to your level of expertise, at least until you feel truly confident enough to level up. The same goes for any hectic tricks you might be thinking about trying. Even if you’re trying to impress someone, only do what you know you can do safely. Broken bones don’t impress anyone, especially not your mother. 
  5. Get insurance – If you don’t have your own travel insurance that covers snow sports, we highly recommend it. If you want to add on two day ski Insurance with us for €24, contact
  6. Wear the appropriate gear – Snow sports are no joke, neither is being freezing cold. Make sure you come prepared and have packed appropriately to make sure your ears, fingers and toes stay warm and you can shred comfortably. 
  7. Stay with the group, or at least with your friends if you can help it – Being out on the snow by yourself is no fun anyway, but you know what they say, there’s safety in numbers. If anything goes wrong, having people around to help you is way better than being alone. 
  8. Don’t be a creep – Like, seriously, has that ever worked out for you? Similarly, if you see somebody being a creep and making people uncomfortable let us know and we’ll have a friendly word to them. Sometimes they just don’t realise how gross they are.
  9. No means no, consent matters – At a very basic level if you hit on somebody and they say no then you’ve just got to cop that. They’re just not that into you. It sucks for about three seconds, but you’re literally surrounded by hundreds of young, like-minded travellers. Suck it up and move on. When you do find somebody who’s into you and you want to move through the bases, make sure you get consent. It really, really, really, really, really does matter.  
  10. If you see somebody having a bad time, make sure they’re ok – We are all brothers and sisters and gender non-specific relations out here. If you see somebody struggling in any way, check on them, grab a Stoke staff member and just do what any decent human being would do.

Staying safe at Stoke Travel is super easy, but sometimes we get a little out of control and forget the basics. If you ever find yourself in any kind of situation do not hesitate to contact Stoke staff, or security, and we’ll sort you out immediately. We’re here to help – help you have the best time possible. Mwah.


  • A ski suit or suitable clothes and jacket to ski in because you can’t hire ski wear at the slopes 
  • Passport 
  • Warm clothes to sleep in
  • Something awesome to party in
  • A camera
  • Condoms (better safe than sorry!)
  • Cash
  • Gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A water bottle to fill up 




Arrival and Check-In

  • Arrive Andorra and check in at the hotel – Check in is after 14:00 (if you arrive earlier feel free to ask reception to store your luggage). The guests on the All inclusive trip will be arriving around 15:00, you can stay in contact with us on our Whats app group
  • Welcome dinner at the hotel to get to know your new mates 
  • Night out on the town or early to bed, early to rise


Ski, Board, Party 

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Head to ski pistes
  • Spend the day on the slopes
  • Night out on the town at Andorra´s best nightclubs and bars


Breaky, Ski, Go Home

  • Breakfast at the hotel – Check out before breakfast and leave your bags at reception. We wont have time to check out after breakfast, as we’ll be heading directly to the slopes to make the most of the last day
  • Head to ski pistes
  • Get in some precious hours of skiing/boarding
  • Evening return to Barcelona, exhausted & exhilarated

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