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    Global Hobo | How To Survive A Season In Ibiza

    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | June 9, 2016

    Global Hobo | How To Survive A Season In Ibiza

    We’ve all heard of it – a season in Ibiza

    Ibiza is renowned across the world for being the party capital of Europe. With its crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches and beautiful people, it’s the destination of choice for party animals worldwide. If you are planning to join the party this year, my advice is to DO IT, hobos. Go for a season in Ibiza!

    The best way to experience all of the delights of Ibiza is to do a season there. I managed to spend less in my three-month stint than my friends did on their one week visit. Living and working there means you get workers’ rates in bars and can meet other workers who will fix you up with free entry to the clubs, which is by far your biggest expenditure. The summer season runs from May until October, so arrive early, snag yourself a job and hold on tight!

    Aside from the glamour and laid-back Mediterranean spirit, Ibiza is also known for being a bit hedonistic – drugs and excessive partying are what to expect from this little slice of paradise. If you are craving a crazy summer of overkill, then Ibiza is definitely the place to be, but, there are some tips about how to survive the ride.

    1. Thou shall not drink the water.
    If you are not used to Spanish water, stick to the bottled water and avoid spending the night on the toilet. Trust me, spending an entire boat party in the bathroom was not an experience I’d wish on anyone else. Keep in mind that water at the superclubs can be ridiculously exy though, so pre-buy from a supermarket beforehand.

    For the rest of the list, check out the original article. Really do, it is super useful and amazingly fun! Check out the following link:

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