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    Spain Guides | Take part in the most adrenalin fuelled Spanish Festival

    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | May 31, 2016

    Spain Guides | Take part in the most adrenalin fuelled Spanish Festival

    Article written by Spain Guides:

    About the Running with the Bulls festival

    Each morning when the clocks strike 8 am a firework is set off the announce the start of the bull runs, known as Encierros, then within seconds 12 tons of snorting bulls charge through the narrow ancient streets of Pamplona which overflow with close to 5.000 runners.

    The daily runs originate from medieval times when the local herdsman drove their prized bulls through the streets of Pamplona to the bullring. Local inhabitants then used to helped drive the bulls and this tradition where the building blocks to the fiestas we know today.

    There is an element of danger to the event which is why the whole route is lined with fencing. Medical crews and ambulances are on hand and there is a heavy police presence to quickly intervene when necessary.

    It is the danger that undoubtedly attracts many runners to this ancient festival. The tension is everywhere in the minutes leading up to 8am, the smell of fear can be touched and a hush descends amongst the runners who nervously warm up along the route.

    The first rocket is let off at 8 am, the paddock gates are opened, everyone prepares themselves and waits for the second rocket which announces the bulls are running, then the mayhem begins!

    Participating in the San Fermines Fiestas

    You can still join in the San Fermines fiestas without running with the bulls as the encierros are only a small part of festival week.

    Throughout the week there is plenty to keep you entertained such as folk music, bands playing, dancing and rides, everyone is united in having fun and enjoying the welcoming and friendly Pamplona hospitality.


    Travel and Accommodation

    This is one of the most famous Spanish festivals and attracts thousands of international visitors so if you are thinking to taking part it is wise to make all your travel arrangements well in advance.

    There is an excellent choice of hotels in Pamplona for budget to high end accommodation as well a good selection of hostels in Pamplona. Again best to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

    There are a number of speciality travel agents who organise complete packages to the San Fermines fiestas including flights, accommodation and organised tours around the city and who will assist you in preparing for the daily runs.

    Reputable companies with a long standing affinity with the Pamplona festivals include Spyns and, Stoke Travel and First Festival Travel.

    The nearest airports are located in San Sebastian and Vitoria, both are around a one and a half hours drive away. Trains are available from both those locations as well, full details on train times and schedule can be seen on the national railway network website at

    Do you want to read the whole article of Spain Guides? Of course you do, it is worth it! Check it out at the Spain Guides website:

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