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    Australia Day In Spain


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | January 26, 2017

    Australia Day In Spain

    Today is Australia Day! And while Stoke Travel is truly Europe’s international travel company, the founders and some of the staff are proudly Australian, and as such we’ve decided that today will be a half day.


    If any of you didn’t know, Australia Day is good for:


    • Australians of all backgrounds and races to celebrate being Australian,
    • English people, for celebrating the day they kinda accidentally turned up to Australia,
    • Australian Aboriginal people, because it seems to be one of the few days some Australians recognise that they live on stolen land,
    • Anyone who is with Australian people, because they’ll guarantee that you always have at least a beer in your hand.


    And also if you didn’t know, Australia Day is bad for:


    • Australians of all backgrounds and races, because we’re forced to confront the fact that we live on stolen land,
    • Australian Aboriginal people, because everybody is getting drunk on a day that marks the beginning of their genocide,
    • Anyone who is with Australian people, because soon enough they’ll get horribly drunk and make wankers of themselves,


    It’s a day that’s probably only all of the good and none of the bad for English people, as the 26th of January marks the day that the English arrived in Australia, found a culture that had been existing there for 40,000 years at least, declared that the land was unclaimed by anybody, and proceeded to steal it.


    But while Australia Day is still January 26th we will celebrate everything that happened before, and after, the arrival of the English, the things that have contributed to make Australia one of the greatest nations on earth, a deeply flawed nation, but which one isn’t?


    One of the problems we face, being in Spain, is remaining true to our post-convict, southern hemisphere hillbilly, sunburnt-chav roots. There isn’t a store in Barcelona that sells a decent meat pie, and trust us we’ve searched, and it’s winter here, not summer, so beach cricket is out of the question.


    But who gives a hoot about any of that? We’ll fill the void with cheap delicious meats and wines, abundant shots, no ID checks at the bars we’ll go to, and little-to-no responsible service of alcohol. No bouncers will lurk over our shoulders while we sink into the revelry, no bartenders will tell us that we’ve had enough when we’re just getting started.


    If we want to we will rage until the sun comes up. There will be no arbitrary lock-out laws, we won’t be herded off public property by the (fun) police; we will pass the morning, afternoon, evening, night and morning without seeing one fight. Nobody will drape Australian flags over their shoulders and that people of non-anglo heritage publicly pledge their allegiance to their capes.


    Over here in Spain, in many regards, we’ll be able to celebrate Australia Day in a way that is free from many of the things that have made the national day a bit of a punish down under. We’ll be able to get together with friends and reconnect with the homeland and have a joke and a drink and most of all a laugh.


    Happy Australia Day, from Spain. Hopefully next year it’s on a day that all Australians can enjoy.

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