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    What’s Stoke Travel’s Andorra Trip Really Like?


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | April 12, 2016

    What’s Stoke Travel’s Andorra Trip Really Like?

    Hey Stokies, Gossip Bitch here.

    If there’s one thing I learned this past weekend it’s that a little bruising is good for the soul (and the stories). Being boozed and bruised is (not) always a good combination… Here’s what the itinerary looked like:

    Friday: Arrived to Arinsal.

    Bus driver decided to not park right in front of the hotel doorstep. That’s okay. No worries. The freezing cold rain, slippery iced floor, a giant bag, a snowboard and converse shoes can handle this! Or so you thought. Injured before hitting the slopes.
Step 1: Get to the hotel. Failed.
The most logical thing to do next is get a good night sleep before a big day in the snow, but these guys are not exactly logical beings! Time to hit the bars and the booze and create some internal bruising.

    Saturday: Step 2: Hit the slopes.
The only way to beat a hangover is to drink some more obviously. Tax free gin and tonic, why the hell not?! Probably not such a good idea for the newbies who’ve never skied or snowboarded before, but let’s not tell them that. The instructor with the green pants did an okay job. I think he managed to keep the newbies off their bums and on their toes for a bit. Or maybe they were just leaning in close to listen and try to understand what the hell he was saying with his odd accent. Where did you say you were from again?

    Saturday evening: Step 3: Find a hookup.
    Spotted: Birthday girl getting cozy on the couch with the Aussie but it looks like he’s either uninterested or too drunk to pursue. What a shame. The 60-year-old woman with lust in her eyes across the bar seems VERY interested. I think maybe she’ll have a better shot. Nonetheless, the birthday girl did ended up taking him home after all! (As in he was flopped over her shoulder because he was too drunk to walk)… what a good friend! Sorry J, better luck next time. No one likes floppy friend anyway.

    You know what’s a cliché? You have a significant other waiting for you at home while you study abroad but you
meet a beautiful instructor in Spain and you fall head over lust during a snow trip. Whoops. You blew it (or she blew it). You know what they say…what happens in Andorra… will be written about online.
So there you have it. Another boring weekend, another boring gossip. The most boring story I’ve heard was about that guy that stumbled into the hotel’s reception demanding for his key to 105. After much yelling, they finally gave it to him. As he walked into the room he wondered why his friends looked so different. Yeah, you were close. You got the room number right, now all you need is the right hotel.

    Step 4: Get home. I think he’ll try again.


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