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    Farewell Interview With One Half Of Wicked Things


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    4 years ago | November 14, 2019

    Farewell Interview With One Half Of Wicked Things

    We sat down with half of Wicked Things, following their hugely successful European tour thanks to Stoke Travel and The Global Work & Travel Co, to find out if they’ve learnt something after more than three months travelling around Europe. 

    The answer is, sort of.

    Righto boyos, you’ve just wrapped your first ever tour of Europe, hit us with some highlights:

    Cooper Hills, Skins Basher, literally Animal from The Muppets

    Playing our first gig, London Big Day Out, or Daba Daba in San Sebastian. Or possibly Running of the Bulls in Pamplona – I couldn’t leave Jarrod (Wicked Things media gopher) unprotected so I jumped in and saved his life. 

    Blade Hills, Axe Merchant, looks heaps like his brother Gericho

    Playing shows to huge crowds across Europe. Meeting loads of people from all over the place, and getting tighter as a band by playing plenty of shows and being on the road together.

    And lowlights?


    Fucking camping for four months. That, or how fucking cold Munich was. Gorgeous, but fuck me it was cold.


    Our show at San Fermin, Pamplona getting cancelled sucked – the stage collapsed during a rainstorm. Kinda good that we didn’t get halfway through the set and that happened, though.

    Do you have any crazy, wild or stupid stories for your adoring fans who couldn’t make the trip to Europe?


    Again, Running with the Bulls, or when our mate Spina jumped off the wall and into the river at Pamps and belly flopped the dive. Dude was throwing up on himself 10 seconds before the jump. What a dude…


    I saw a dude with only a ski jacket on, nothing but a ski jacket on. He had shit dripping down his legs waiting for an empty shower to become free. He got the shits and just wandered off into the campsite. Good times. A-grade family fun.

    What have you learnt from your time touring Europe?


    You can make a double bed out of flat mattresses and sleeping bags, no worries. You can also live on drugs and alcohol.


    Being able to adapt to your environment or scenario. A lot of things didn’t go the way we thought it might but we adapted every time and crushed whatever we needed to.

    And retrospectively, what’s the one thing that you  would you be sure to pack if you had to do it all over again?


    A kilo of gum. Or a pillow and multivitamins. You said one thing but that’s fucking impossible.


    A pillow is an awesome idea. Rubbers and a really fucking warm jacket, i’m talking proper warm.

    Do you want to travel Europe and live the rockstar lifestyle? Keep an eye out for the next instalment of Stoke Soundcheck – the talent show that gets young Aussie acts to Europe, playing in front of crowds of thousands. But if you’re not in a band, just dive over to The Global Work & Travel Co, they’ll get you overseas and living the dream.

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