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    Five Reasons Why You Should Live In Spain With Us


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | October 27, 2016

    Five Reasons Why You Should Live In Spain With Us

    Five Reasons Why You Should Join Us in the Land of Sangria and Patatas Bravas

    1. Food & wine

    Spanish wine. It’s generally of high quality and, sans excessive alcohol tax, reasonably priced too. Eating centres around fresh produce and the emphasis is on savouring high quality foods, rather than quickly downing something processed on the go. This might seem like a lesson in enjoying life for many visitors to Spain, except those from Tasmania, where the produce is the best – although not as cheap.  

    2. Food & wine time 

    Well that’s all well and good, you might say, but who has time to sit down with 500g of brie and a bottle of red for a leisurely afternoon meal? The Spanish do.  Even if you’re not having a siesta, you get typically get 1-2 hours of lunch per day. Local cafes often offer set-price “menus”, which involve your choice of main/s, dessert and drink, because you have time to enjoy all three. Dinner happens a little later and tends to be a drawn out affair, from about 9-12pm. During this time people drink more wine and converse with family and friends, and not in that awkward way that happened when your mum used to force you to eat at the table instead of in front of the TV.

    3. More faces than an octagon

    There are multiple Spains, some that you might not expect. Mountainous Spains, wet Spains, cold Spains, arid Spains, hot Spains, busy Spains, quiet Spains. Travelling from one end of the country to the other, you’ll see the landscape (and the people) transform several times over. This will surprise you… unless you’re from Tasmania.

    4. Spanish culture

    Spain is very old and therefore there are many old buildings and many interesting and sordid things have happened here. Generally, the more sordid things have happened in a place, the more people will want to visit it (unless you’re Tasmania). Disregarding Spain’s intriguing antiquities, its modern culture is also blindingly vibrant. Through who knows what magic, Spain has produced creative geniuses of the modern era including Salvador Dali, Picasso and Antoni Gaudi, whose prolific works are synonymous with the country of wine and ham.  

    5. Spanish parties 

    The rhythm of life is a powerful beat you can feel it in your fingers you can feel it in your feet, and never more than when you’re in Spain. People rise late and stay up late, they fiesta by night and siesta by day. There’s churros and cheese and wines and flamenco, and well over 50 fiestas which occur in all pockets of the country and celebrate all manner of occasions in all sorts of strange and slightly depraved ways. Follow 50 Fiestas for a taste of the Spanish rhythm of life, the most infectious thing since the Black Death and no less frightening.  

    Would YOU like to live in Spain? You can! For free! Check out our exciting & fun internships here.

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