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    Five Ways The Iceman Breathing Techniques Will Improve Your Life Forever


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    5 years ago | January 18, 2019

    Five Ways The Iceman Breathing Techniques Will Improve Your Life Forever

    Stoke Retreats is about having the most fun you’ve ever had whilst being healthy, and as if that wasn’t enough we also endeavour to bring you life-changing experiences that will kick start you on a journey of self-improvement and spiritual zen.

    Which is why we are flying in a protegee of famous Guinness-world record holder and spiritual guru Wim Hof, whose science-defying cold exposure and breathing techniques are taking the world by storm.

    Anastasis Tzanis aka The Nutritionist Yogi trained with Wim Hof for two years and has since been tirelessly developing his technique.

    So applying this to life as a Stokie; here’s 5 ways this amazing knowledge will benefit your life in real terms:

    • Holding your breath for an extended amount of time – enabling you to win all the underwater swimming races and beer-chugging contests forever after.
    • Master the cold. Not only is cold exposure proven to have an extensive list of health benefits, it will also allow you to keep your cool without getting cold on a night-time skinny dip with that gorgeous hunk you’ve been getting to know on a Stoke Retreat.
    • Learn how to harness your incredible mental power, enabling you to fight illness, reach zen-like status, de-stress, and most importantly – fend off those pesky hangovers.
    • Master the art of meditation and how to live in the present moment. This will enable you to truly grasp what an awesome time you are having with Stoke.
    • Release endorphins and get high on life’s natural drugs – here you might realise you may have been doing it all wrong all these years when just a bit of oxygen can take you to a state of euphoria – for free and without the come-down.

    Yes! Cold exposure and these breath control exercises have proven to strengthen your immune system, aid fat-loss, improve sleep, release endorphins, balance hormone levels, give you more energy and reduce stress levels – what more could you ask for?

    This workshop will cover the following:

    1. The Wim Hof Method Breathing technique
    2. A yoga practice incorporating simple breath work
    3. A long breathing/meditation session
    4. A presentation of the science behind cold exposure
    5. An ice bath

    This is just one of the soul-nurturing, third-eye awakening, euphoria inducing activities we have in store for you lucky folks on our Stoke Retreat in Tenerife.

    Don’t miss out and book your week retreat from the 2 – 9th March or our 4 day Carnival and Retreat package.

    We are flexible and if you would like to come on different dates, stay longer or know anymore just e-mail

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