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    Four Mint Reasons to Learn Spanish


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | March 7, 2018

    Four Mint Reasons to Learn Spanish


    Picture this: you’re in Spain, standing in the middle of nowhere. The only people around are locals who don’t speak English, and they’re shooting Spanish words at you like you’re a target in a game of paintball. You just want to go home, but you don’t know where it is or if you’ve even got a place to stay.

    In situations like this, wouldn’t it be nice to speak Spanish? Luckily for you, our friends at Suspanish have the best language courses in cities across Spain, all on one website. You just have to find the one that suits you best!  We know that legends like you have gotten pretty far with just the language your mama gave you, but here’s four more mint reasons to brush up that Spanish.

    1. Wasted snacks are the best snacks

    Obviously we don’t mean throwing food away, we’re talking about those snacks you’ll shove into your mouth while you’re drunk. What’s better than ending a great night out with a tasty, fatty snack? But to order food, you’ll need to make yourself clear en Espagnol, or you might end up with something completely different than what you had in mind. Make sure you can speak enough Spanish to order that juicy hamburger, otherwise you’ll end up with nothing but regret and the leftovers from your fridge.

    1.   ¡No hablo Ingles!

    At non-touristic places especially, it can be hard finding somebody who understands you. Most Spaniards don’t speak English very well, if at all. Not being able to communicate can be frustrating, and frustrated people do the craziest things. So prevent yourself from ending up in a situation like this, and just take a damn language course!

    1. Pick up a Spanish hottie

    Imagine: you’re standing in a bar and you catch a glimpse of the most gorgeous human being you’ve ever seen. This could be the love of your life (or just a good bang!) and you want to make a good first impression, so you pull out your smoothest pick-up line. They give you a weird look and say ‘’no hablo d’Inglès.’’ Uh-oh! Now you have two choices: keep struggling through the language barrier in hopes your looks will be enough, or give up. After a few awkward minutes of staring and trying to understand one another, you decide to walk away, all the while regretting that you didn’t take that language course when you had the chance.

    1. Find your way in life

    You’ve been in Spain for two weeks, and since it’s a big country, you’ve gotten lost several times already. Right now you’re standing in the middle of nowhere. You’ve tried explaining that you’re lost, but everybody either doesn’t understand, or they can only give directions in Spanish. What is ‘’a la derecha?’’ What does ‘’todo recto’’ mean? With a Spanish course from Suspanish under your belt, you can spend more time enjoying Spain and less time trying to find your way. It makes life a hell of a lot easier!

    Do you want to prevent awkward, sad, lonely and frustrating situations like this? Check out our partner Suspanish

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