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    Global Hobo | Gay Oktoberfest


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | June 1, 2016

    Global Hobo | Gay Oktoberfest

    On the first Sunday of every Oktoberfest, thousands of LGBTIQ people gather in Munich for a big gay piss up. Cocktoberfest, if you will. It’s not as publicised as some of its “pride” counterparts across Europe, but was the first thing that came up when I hastily Googled ‘Gay Oktoberfest’ – suddenly fearful that once I was drunk, there might not be anyone to tell me how pretty I looked.

    I rustled up my pal Elsie and two hippies who were fresh off the plane from Burning Man Festival, downed a few rounds of beer and headed in on the train. On the way, we made friends with a rather disheveled looking man from Munich. He guessed all of our ages and told us about how proud he was to be a Bavarian man. “Why? What fills you with Bavarian pride?” I asked him. He seemed startled by the question, but responded by saying quite simply that “it’s language” before raising his beer and shouting, “Proust!”

    We stumbled off the train and asked a local vendor where we might find the “Rosa Wisen” or “GAY TENT” as I yelled loudly at her. We had to ask for directions twice more, once from a local and once from a policeman. “Ooooo, yes, I know this one,” they each said, smiling mischievously and raising their eyebrows. “Look for Braur Rosel!” they told us, sending us on our way with a friendly wave.

    We looked to the skies, searching for a “Brau Rosel” sign amongst thousands of drunken punters, stopping only to marvel at the mammoth keg-carrying horses that trot up and down in between beer halls and to enjoy generous whiffs of freshly roasted sugar-covered peanuts. When we finally arrived at the “Braur Rosel” tent, we were swooped up by the masses and churned out inside the tent, sneaking past security as we went.

    Do you want to read the whole article about the Gay Oktoberfest? Of course you do, it’s worth it! Check it out here:

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