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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | October 9, 2018


    So you’re booked, you know the meeting place and time and you’re mentally prepared for the best New Year’s Eve of your life. Here’s some general information about your Stoke Travel Hogmanay trip to make sure you get the most out of the experience.


    We’ve got our own train, it’s all ours. The only people on the train will be your fellow Stoke Travel Hogmananiers. This means that we’re not bound by all the rules of regular train travel.

    • Tickets will be allocated at check in, so if you want to ride with your pals make sure you check in with them.
    • There will be charging sockets on the train for your phones. We don’t recommend that you bring your laptops or tablets, because why the bloody hell would you?
    • There are toilets on the train. So break the seal/eat a curry. We got you.
    • Food and drinks are available on the train. We’re providing breakfast at check in, but an extra lining of the gut never hurt anybody.
    • The train is also BYO, meaning we don’t mind if you turn up with your own booze. The more the merrier (we’ll all be). Beers, wines, spirits, you name it, just don’t peak too early. We will also give you a bottle of Prosecco each for the ride up, so factor that in.


    • When we arrive we go straight to Black Market, our Edinburgh exclusive venue (right next door to the station). There will be pre-street party snacks waiting for you.
    • Winter carnival by the street-party entrance — carnival rides, food stands, mulled wine/cider, something for them to do before the street party – if you don’t want to stay at the venue.
    • Check out Edinburgh Castle and be a bit of a tourist before the street party starts.
    • See our Edinburgh guide for more ideas about the Scottish capital.


    • We’ll give you your official Hogmanay street party tickets at check in. Then they’re your responsibility, so try really, really hard not to lose them.
    • The street party officially starts at 7pm and finishes at 1am, giving you a full 59 minutes and 59 seconds to secure some New Year snogs.
    • There are four street-party stages with DJs and live music. Screens will also be around so you can stay connected to the party even if you are trapped in the crowd.
    • Bars and clubs also line the street party so you can go in and buy drinks or chill in there if the weather is too cold for you.
    • There is no accommodation, this is a 24 hour trip so you’ll be expected to party for 24 hours. The train back to London leaves Edinburgh at 4:30am on the 1st of January, so you can sleep then.
    • You won’t need your passport as we’re not leaving the UK, but do bring some ID for buying drinks — especially the more baby-faced among us.
    • Check out our Hogmanay guide for more general information about the night.


    • 07:30: Check in opens at Lost Rivers, Elephant, our London venue – get your train ticket, festival wristband, breakfast voucher.
    • 8:30: Check in closes. Guides will start taking groups to the train. Guides to give out prosecco and flutes as each group leaves for the train.
    • 08:30 — 09:30: If you have used a promo code you will get one hour of free drinks between this time.
    • 09:30: Everyone leaves London venue and heads to Kings Cross St Pancras.
    • 10:00 — 10:30: Stoke Travel guides will show you to your seat on the train (stay here for departure and then feel free to move around the train).
    • 11:00: Train departs London Kings Cross Station
    • 15:00: Arrive in Edinburgh, go straight to venue
    • 19:00: Street party starts
    • 21:00: First Fireworks display, will go every hour until midnight
    • 22:00: Security will stop letting people into street party
    • 24:00: Midnight Magic Show
    • 01:00: Street Party closes – head back to venue
    • 03:30: After Party finishes, customers head back to train.
    • 04:30: Train departs Edinburgh
    • 08:30: Arrive back in London

    Want more information?

    Make sure that you join the Hogmanay Facebook event and group where we update information and a place for you to ask us questions.

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