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    Many Many Adventures | Backpacker Festival Cheat Sheet


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | April 6, 2016

    Many Many Adventures | Backpacker Festival Cheat Sheet

    Many Many Adventures is a fan of Stoke Travel! Are you?

    Spring has finally graced the once snowy plains of the northern hemisphere, and all around you can hear the excited whispers as people pack away their snow boots and puffer jackets: “new summer adventures are coming!” And for music and camping (and alcohol and recreational drug) enthusiasts, this means one, very exciting thing: festival season is almost upon us!

    For many people, a single dose of muddy/dusty/hot/wet/deafening/ unsanitary/overpriced/drunken revelry is enough, and all they can think of is seeing their favourite bands and then getting the hell out of dodge. But for the true festival enthusiast, the campground is home, and who needs sleep when you have (possibly psychedelic) guarana balls and red bull to keep you going?

    We all have our favorite festivals – the old faithfuls we go back to with the same mates year after year (for me it was Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, Australia). Traditions such as these should be preserved, but what about those of us who are planning to travel through the summer? How do we get our festival fix? Here are five essential tips for those of you planning to backpack your way through festival season.

    Lucky for you, we are giving our readers a chance to win a Stoke Travel Hobo Passport, valued at 360 euro, giving you three nights at two different festivals in Europe this year!! Click on the link below, like our Facebook page, and send us your best “festival photo” for a chance to win!

    Do you want to read the whole blog post? Do not hesitate and click here!

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