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    Needed: Lord Of The Food


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | February 2, 2017

    Needed: Lord Of The Food

    These legends ain’t going to feed themselves
    Stoke is one of those rare travel companies that just gives and gives and gives. We give you accommodation, including the best tents our budget can buy! We give you the best times imaginable, like, wow! Stage shows and DJs and new best friends from all over the world… We even give you hangovers, courtesy of our €10 open-bar beer and sangria deal. Nobody else has an open, unlimited bar, but we do, and the giving just keeps on giving.
    We also give meals, a combination of hot and cold breakfasts, lunch and fucking amazing dinners, on some trips all three, at most trips hot breakfast and chef-cooked dinner. Nobody else does that! Aren’t we the best travel company you’ve ever had the good fortune of being marketed at by? Isn’t that last sentence convoluted!

    Thing is, we don’t yet have a head chef for 2017. But never fear, this doesn’t mean that our lovely Stokies are going to go unfed, NO WAY! You, or someone you know, is our next head chef. We need someone who is passionate about food and produce, who will go the extra mile in making sure that the food is a highlight of everybody’s trip. You will be willing to travel because your work is at Europe’s best festivals, as well as Stoke’s surf and party camps. You don’t need to be a qualified chef, but you need experience. You need to be fucking amazing, but we won’t hold it against you if you haven’t got official qualifications.
    Because we’re cool like that.
    Are you ready to have the best few months of your life? Travelling around with a pack of awesome legends, working alongside some of them, partying with the rest, ticking bucket-list experiences off while you’re doing your job, all the while building on your career and making some cash cash cash money along the way…

    If you, or any of your friends, or family members, or even enemies who you still have good hopes for, might be interested, then click over here, or email telling us why you were born for this, and chase your dreams and follow your heart and be the best you you can be and cook food for thousands of legends who will love you unreservedly in return.

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