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    Pumpkin Spice? That Doesn’t Sound Nice


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | October 23, 2017

    Pumpkin Spice? That Doesn’t Sound Nice

    Some people just live for Autumn. Skiers and snowboarders can see the snows a’comin’ and lovers can get back to a non-stick snuggle routine. In the United States, where they call it “Fall”, the people seem to find solace in the arrival of something called Pumpkin Spice Latte, which quite frankly sounds terrible. Pumpkin plus spice is already a no-no, and then to put it in a coffee! Get real.

    From Stoke Travel’s perspective, Autumn is a time to briefly dry out after a very soggy summer, and then to launch into our don’t-you-dare-call-it-the-off-season season. We will miss the summer, but the Autumn gives us a chance to explore London and Barcelona, our home cities, and go on adventures to exotic locales.

    Here’s a little rundown on what’s on our immediate horizon while the leaves shimmy their way down from their summertime perches, and baristas seek to infuse coffee with goddamn pumpkin.


    Something that was popularised in the North American Fall that we can get behind, unlike pumpkin coffee drinks. Halloween is scary, it’s sexy, it’s fun and full of candy. We spend our Halloweens here in Barcelona, exploring the old gothic part of town with our treasure hunt, touching on the ghostly and ghastly history of the city and drinking plenty of shots in the process. Will you be around Barcelona for this one? Want to get completely goblinned with us?

    The All Blacks Vs Wales

    It’s rugby, dummy, and only half as painful as drinking a pumpkin spiced latte (srsly so gross). The All Blacks are the world’s greatest rugby team and probably New Zealand’s greatest anything, the Welsh are no slouches, and their supporters are renowned for passion and banter. Also, there are over nine million sheep in Wales and we all know what they say about Kiwis and sheep…

    … that they are proud about their wool industry and perhaps have a keen interest in sheep farming around the world. They also say that Kiwis and Welsh people like to love sheep, so maybe they’ll play out a bizarre love triangle in front of almost 100,000 horny spectators. Join us for fun, football and being facetious about fornicating with fauna.

    Morocco Surf House

    You want to get some more Morroc and Roll in your life? Is it time to get your motion in the North Atlantic Ocean? Autumn is THE SEASON to surf in Morocco. There are some slamming swells hitting the coast right now, the sun is still shining hot and bright (highs in the 30s this week), and the water is bikini and boardshort-able. For those of you who don’t know, Morocco is a completely safe kingdom in North Africa, it’s beaches are famed, it’s lifestyle fabled and the food fantastic. It’s a short hop from Europe, a little longer from not-Europe, our house is magnificent (jacuzzi on the roof, sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean). You want to be there, and Autumn is a perfect time to do it. Just jump on one of the many budget birds that fly down there and wash away your sins in Morocco’s perfect point breaks. You want it, you’ll  love it, you’re going to need it.

    Oh, and there’s not a pumpkin spice latte in sight!

    That’s our Autumn. Is it going to be yours too? We really hope so!

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