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    Six ‘Easy’ Ways To Save Money For Europe 2017


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | January 17, 2017

    Six ‘Easy’ Ways To Save Money For Europe 2017

    We all know that travelling — even cheapskate, hobo style travel — is more expensive than staying put in your parents basement. You know it, I know it and #wanderlust warriors know it too. But no-one says it. “Anyone can travel” we all proclaim. And this is (to some extent) true. However, here at Stoke we have a less than glamorous reputation to upkeep, so we tell it like it is and it’s like this: unless you make some serious lifestyle changes (like getting blind only every other weekday) you’re not going to be able to afford even the best of the best value party travel packages Europe has to offer. And we want you to have fun, so here are a few tips for saving money before you leave.


    Stop Buying Coffee.

    I know, I know this sucks, but you are addicted to an amazing, beautiful smelling, energy giving, occasionally life saving narcotic. And it all adds up, just think about it — you probably spend almost $30 a week on coffee, which is about $1500 a year. That’s more than two Stoke Passports

    Learn To Cook.

    No, not Breaking Bad style, I mean actually learn to cook. This will also serve you well when you’re travelling, as you’ll be able to impress any (of the many) babes you’re inevitably going to fall in love with on first sight with the pasta tomato sauce combo you will by then have down pat.

    Stop Going Out (So Often).

    This may be the first, last and only time you ever hear Stoke Travel say that. But for the purpose of saving money, so you can come party where the real party is at, it’s a good idea. How many wine fights, tomato throwing festivals, fire fiestas and surf camps can you find down your local? And don’t even get us started on the unlimited beer and sangria

    Stay With Your Parents.

    It just gets worse and worse, doesn’t it? Obviously it isn’t the most convenient thing in the world to move back in with your parents, for either of you, but it could save you a shit ton of money.


    Sell Your Phone.

    It’s only going to get lost, stolen or broken anyway, and if it doesn’t you’re not doing Europe right. If there’s still a while to go until you actually leave, then sell it anyway and rediscover what it’s like to have an attention span.

    Sell Your Left Kidney

    You won’t be needing it and it’s probably full of toxins. This little known detox alternative has been known to work occasionally, according to a 12-step guide we found on the internet.

    If your commitment to saving money is anything like our commitment to writing self proclaimed ‘hilarious’ articles, then you’ll be reaping the benefits of a European summer in no time. Whether you end up chilling in our Basque Country Surf House, drinking herbal tea in Morocco, or getting ‘lit’ at one of our many festivals, we’re keen to see you in 2017. And because saving is mighty hard work, we’ve decided to help you out a little, and offer four trips for the price of three with our new and improved Stoke Travel Passport.


    Hope to see you soon,




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