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    Spanish Music To Get You Psyched For A Night Out


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | November 24, 2016

    Spanish Music To Get You Psyched For A Night Out

    Desperate to show your new Spanish amigos how cool you are? Or are you in Australia (suffering the worst FOMO of your life) trying to learn something from a textbook, so bored you could peel your eyelids back and pour hot sauce down them and still not feel a thing? Or maybe you’ve got a euro trip booked, but have given up learning Spanish because the grammar is boring as fuck?

    Never fear, here at Stoke we’ve got you covered. We always, always, always (unless said solution requires hard work, as opposed to trolling youtube for memes and music), have the solution…


    Song Numero Uno

    El Gato Lopez, Ska P: Here at Stoke House 2.0 (don’t ask what happened to Stoke House 1.0 – Barcelona is a messy and debaucherous place) we like to play this legendary Ska P song to psyche ourselves up for a long night of losing to Americans at beer pong, blurting out incoherent Spanish to our favorite bartenders, and flirting with the limits of what’s possible on a dancefloor (our flexibility isn’t what it used to be).

    This cancion (song) starts with a whole lotta trumpets, screams and cheers (mucho energy), which no matter how many times you listen to it, never fails to excite. Then the ska starts (ska is like rap, but more upbeat, lighthearted and less repetitive). You won’t understand much but will eventually learn to sing along anyway. Before you go any further, go on, click the link – even if this article is (all too obviously) thought up by a team of caffeine addled zombies who’ve hit dire straights in their quest for inspiration, a bit of Ska P might make this all seem slightly less poorly written.

    Cancion Numero Dos

    Fin De Semana, Estopa: This one’s great for a Friday or Saturday night (fin de semana = weekend), although you can play it on a Monday if you aren’t discriminatory about which days of the week you get trashed on. Some of the lyrics are quite accurate in foreshadowing the night to come as well…


    Yo, como no soy muy normal,

    Decido buscarte

    Buscándote en la oscuridad

    Yo suelo encontrarte


    Me, as I’m not normal,,

    I decide to search for you

    Searching for you in the darkness

    I normally find you


    For weeks we thought yo suelo encontrarte meant “I find you on the floor” and adjusted our alcohol intake accordingly, but it turns out context is a bitch and when used like this suelo means “normally”…

    A note on this tricky little thing called context: all the English people who work for Stoke have been in trouble going back to London to see family and dropping C bombs, only to then have to explain that they work with Australians…


    Song Numero Tres

    Hello Vs. Party & Bullshit (Matoma Remix), Ice Cube & The Notorious B.I.G: suffice to say this one’s not Spanish, but it’s awesome – even if you don’t normally like rap. However if you like rap, sax, and house then you’re going to spend the next 6 minutes and 41 seconds with your eyes rolled back in your head, chanting about how much you love Stoke Travel’s media team and their epic taste in music. Something to share with your new friends – and if they’ve been ripping on you for not understanding their music they sure as hell won’t get a word of this.


    Song Numero Cuatro

    Viviendo, Nach: this one’s the most dramatic, and is a good option to play as you leave, as you head out into a battlefield of sangria, beer and wine. Viviendo means “living” and although it sounds lame in English don’t worry – it’s (kind of literally) an epic song… And here are the lyrics (cos you’ll need them).  

    Ok, that’s it for now, run wild, listen to good music and thank us later.

    Stoke out…

    *mic drop*

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