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    Stoke’s Guide To Not Failing Your New Year’s Resolutions


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    5 years ago | January 9, 2019

    Stoke’s Guide To Not Failing Your New Year’s Resolutions

    It’s all a lot simpler than it seems at a Stoke Retreat

    Well what a year it’s been! And as 2018 comes to a close and 2019 winks at us from around the corner, we find ourselves asking, What does next year have in store?

    It’s the time of year when we declare new year, new me, new beginnings and make well-meaning New Year’s resolutions that perhaps involve being kinder to our livers and getting beach-body ready for next summer.

    However, we all know that as good as our intentions are, we can often find ourselves slipping down that slippery old slope back into bad (but oh so good) habits. They say that you fail at all the things you never try, but we fail all the new year’s resolutions we make.

    But hey! Don’t be hard on yourself, we’re only fun-loving humans and sometimes all we need is a bit of encouragement. This is why Stoke is launching a new “being good to yourself” division that’s all about feeling damn fine whilst having fun. It’s a win-win situation.

    Let us set the scene of a normal day on a Stoke Retreat aka in paradise.

    Imagine waking up to a glorious sunny day and strolling through the trees to our nature-surrounded yoga deck to release all those toxins with a muscle-stretching yoga session.

    The session will end with a guided meditation, allowing you to clear your mind of negative thoughts and appreciate the present moment. After this your stomach will be able to appreciate a wholesome breakfast and freshly brewed coffee.

    Then let the fun begin as our games master will break the ice and get your pulses racing with a fun warm-up game – if you’re laughing you’re learning!

    Next you will be able to test your strength, dexterity and balance with a fun intro class into acro-yoga and inversions – a kind of yoga that’s all about acrobatics and falling on each other whilst having a generally lovely time.

    Congratulate yourself on all this well being with a home-cooked lunch made by our lovely Spanish chef.

    Next let the delicious food settle with a siesta in the sun by the pool or chatting with your newfound friends.

    As the afternoon unfolds, we’ll learn how to harness the power of the mind and override your nervous system during an empowering workshop based on the world-famous Wim Hof iceman breathing techniques (you’ve seen him on socials, right?) that will blow your socks off, but you’ll be so zen you won’t get cold toes.

    Finish of this perfect day with a well earned glass of vino or two with your new bffs over a hearty dinner and bonfire jam session.

    Sounds good, right? Well, this could be your life for a whole week; opening your third eye, radiating sheer well-being and having a jolly good time.

    It’s a little bit of Stoke, a little bit of retreat.

    So make 2019 the year you do something truly spectacular and (re)treat yo’self now!

    And now, for a limited time only we are giving you a crazy 20% discount on our Tenerife Retreat from the 2nd-9th March.

    Just use the promo code BIRDONRETREAT at checkout.

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