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    Stoke’s No Ragrets #bucketlist


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | November 22, 2018

    Stoke’s No Ragrets #bucketlist

    We all have regrets. Normally they stem from alcohol – either too much, or more likely not enough (you can’t regret something if you don’t remember it, right?), but there’s one thing that’s certain, if you haven’t had a decent go at this list when you die, no amount of binge drinking will help you.

    1. Take the chairlift solo and drink Schnapps from a flask, as you dangle your legs over an Andorra black run, contemplating the universe and/or your feet.

    2. Get felt up by a hooker on Las Ramblas (Barcelona). Beats kissing someone under the Eiffel tower, anyday.

    3. Take a tomato (or several hundred) to the face at La Tomatina.

    4. Wake up naked and possessionless on the beach in Ibiza.

    5. Head to Octoberfest, and see how many jugs (of various descriptions) you can ‘handle’.

    6. Wake up in November without being able to recall much of October.

    7. Wash away a month’s worth of cumulative hangovers in Morocco, like this.

    8. Get barrelled in San Sebastian.

    9. Hang out with the pro surfers in Hossegor.

    10. Skate MACBA.

    11. Go to the wine fight in San Vino, sin gafas.

    12. Run with the bulls in Pamplona.

    And one that deserves more than a dot point, submitted by one of our legendary members of staff here in Barcelona:

    Have dinner at Marina Bay, a beachfront restaurant in Barcelona. Order the menu degustacion, which comes with free drinks. Make the most of them, after all, you used to work there. At the end, make your way to the toilet, which is conveniently located in a basement, three flights of stairs below the restaurant. Take a friend as your legs may be wobbly at this point (what are friends for if not to help you go to the toilet). Somehow make it to the street, where you begin to make loud, retching noises, so that no taxi will take you. Convince your friends you’re dying and get them to call an ambulance. Yell loudly at hospital staff about how you pay your taxes and deserve to be attended to. Get kicked out of hospital and commandeer a rickshaw to take you home. Roll out of your top bunk at 5am to go to the toilet. Vomit all over yourself, and climb into bed with your best friend, who tells you that you stink, but loves you anyway.

    Here at Stoke we’re kind of like that friend – we’ll tell you that you stink, but love you regardless (although we probs won’t cuddle you for too long if you’re covered in vomit).

    That’s all for now. Let us know how in the comments how many #noregrets you’ve ticked off!

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