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    Stokies Festival Romances


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | July 27, 2017

    Stokies Festival Romances

    Tales of festival love from our very own Stokies

    A few days ago we posted an article called The 6 Stages Of A Festival Romance where we talked more generally about the ups and downs and the hilarious awkwardness of hooking up in tents. Then we thought, all you Stokies out there are probably full of far more specific and far more hilarious personal stories of your own. We asked you all to give up your best festival romance stories and here is the result. Thanks for all your help you weirdos.


    Deborah, 23, Dubbo: My friend was with this guy at a festival. When they went back to sleep together he said, “My tent or yours?”, but instead she suggests a tepee. They go into a tepee, he pulls down his pants but nothing’s “happening” so she flies out. Doesn’t even unzip the tepee, just shoots under the flaps and goes to bed.

    Sandy, 21, Kalamazoo: We met on the first night of the festival playing beer pong. My friend was into his friend so it was two on two. Long story short, we started hooking up and the guy my friend was hooking up with wanted to have a foursome. I wasn’t so much about it so we went off and had sex behind the busses while numerous people walked by. I was so nervous someone I worked with would walk past and realise it was me. The next night we stayed up the entire night having sex by the river and then went straight to the bull run. Third day I was leaving and when we were saying goodbye he said he had booked a flight to Barcelona and would be there on Monday. I end up going to San Seb for the weekend and didn’t hear from him. Monday night, at midnight, he texted me “I’m here”. He came to my apartment and stayed with me the entire week. Best sex I’ve ever had, just non stop. I felt my productivity and energy level at an all time high that week at work. Now he plans to come to America to visit me when I go home.

    Geoff, 33, Lower Hutt: I was camping with my brother and his best mate, when we ran into an old school friend of mine and she took a shining to my brother’s friend. Long story short, my brother, being a good lad, told him to use his tent for some post main act fun. My brother got back to his tent the morning after and there was cum absolutely everywhere throughout the tent. We weren’t sure weather to be impressed or grossed out. Neither boy continued to sleep in the tent for the rest of the festival. We made our dad clean it when we got home. He had no idea what it was.

    Phillipe, 19, Bordeaux: Last year I was at a festival and there was this girl that i had been into for a while. We ended up getting together, which I was pretty excited about. We were sleeping together for a few nights when one of her friends, who had definite lesbian vibes and was definitely into her, got pretty fucked up and she had to bring her to bed. I heard the next day that this girl had been trying pretty hard to get the girl I was with into bed. That night, the girl i was with was pretty tired so she went to bed early and I told I’d join her later. When I came back to the tent there were two female bodies next to each other, one of them with no pants on and so I assumed the worst. I was pretty bummed, I was really into this girl and she’d just slept with some other girl. However, turns out it wasn’t the lesbian friend in there at all. It was one of her friends that got too drunk, pissed herself, took her pants off and climbed into my girls tent to get out of the one full of piss.


    We know this is just the tip of the iceberg and you guys are definitely holding back some good ones. When you’re ready to let them out, send them to us so we can do round two and don’t worry, we promise we’ll keep it anonymous.

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