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    The Hostel Girl | Morroco Surf Review


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | April 6, 2016

    The Hostel Girl | Morroco Surf Review

    The Hostel Girl is a fan of the Morocco Surf Camp! Are you?

    Here’s a cheeky little fact: my love for hostels began way back when I decided that instead of being sensible and getting a full time job straight after graduation, I would fulfil a lifelong dream of learning to surf.

    So I graduated University. I spent two weeks in a surfing camp. And then I didn’t do surfing again for two years.

    Two years!

    Thank goodness all of that changed last month with an epic trip to Taghazout with Stoke Travel. I’ve got my surf stoke back guys!

    Learning to Surf with Stoke Travel

    A big part of the reason the week was so fun was due to our surf instructor. Lahcen, our local instructor, knew the beaches like the back of his hand and always knew the best spots to take us according to our group level and experience.

    Arriving at the beach for my first day of surf, I was already two days behind the rest of the group, but after instructing them on their goals for the day, and reminding them how to keep safe in the water, Lahcen took me aside to practice my popups and teach me about the layout of the bay.

    Within a few minutes of catching my first waves I was standing up and riding through the breeze towards the shore. It was awesome! And taking a break the next day to take photographs of the group it was clear I wasn’t the only one benefiting from Lahcen’s instruction:

    Each day of surf also began with a workout consisting of a combination of cardio and stretching activities to help minimise muscle ache later in the day!

    It’s incredible how many muscles I discovered I had after just a few days of surfing, and stretching out in the morning was the perfect way to shrug off yesterday’s aches and prepare for another thrashing in the fresh North Atlantic Ocean.

    Want to read the whole blogpost? It’s worth it!

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