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    Why The Coronavirus Crisis Is The Best Time To Travel


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    4 years ago | March 18, 2020

    Why The Coronavirus Crisis Is The Best Time To Travel

    We highly recommend travelling during pandemics, travelling inside your mind

    The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is spreading quickly around the world, and as more and more countries go into lockdown, going outside – an essential part of travelling  – is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible. For still, and probably temporarily, outside of quarantined areas flights are cancelled as airlines cut routes, or are shutting down, countries are closing their borders, and even if you can get into a country, monuments, bars, restaurants – basically everything – are off limits until further notice. Travel as we know it is being put on hold for the time being.

    But not dreaming about travel. Because while we’re in lockdown, while we’re sitting staring wistfully out the window, there’s never been a better time to fantasize about where you want to go, to make fanciful plans, and to start booking trips in so that when the virus fog clears and the travel restrictions are lifted, you’ll be primed and ready to hit the world running with some epic trips booked in the post coronavirus (PCV) world. Here’s what you have to do. 

    Keep on booking trips because Now is the best time with €1 deposits on all destinations

    Why? Because travel companies want/need you to. Please, book trips. Across the industry we’re feeling the pinch, and there isn’t a company big or small that’s not hurting and worrying about the future. Many of our trips are being cancelled due to government recommendations and people are pulling out of those that aren’t due to uncertainty (please don’t cancel, just reschedule, or take the credit). This stings travel companies like Stoke Travel hard because we’re not huge money making corporations (we’re basically a not-for-profit), and we have highly valued staff who we don’t want to let go. We’re sure that this pandemic will pass, and when it does we want to have all the best hands on deck for the bounce back.

    We know that this thing will clear and before we know it we’ll all be travelling again. The current lockdown across Europe is set for 30 days, and while it might go longer there aren’t many predictions seeing it last until summer. So it’s wise that you plan to be travelling this summer, but we don’t want you to be out of pocket if coronavirus sticks around for longer than we anticipate and trips stay on hold.

    That’s why Stoke Travel are only asking for a €1 deposit during this period, until we’re sure of the future situation. This means you can book and plan until your heart’s content, and if you have to change your plans you won’t be out of pocket. 

    Also, airlines have relaxed their flight changing terms due to coronavirus

    Like, really relaxed them. One of the main reasons why this is a particularly terrible time to travel is because airlines are being forced to drastically cut back services because there’s nobody flying. The industry is set to take a huge, perhaps in many cases fatal, blow and they’re doing whatever they can to keep people booking, a strategy they may have borrowed from your old pals here at Stoke Travel. So most, if not all, airlines will offer you super flexible deals with free flight changes for up to a year or even more.

    So this means you can book your flights to Europe, or around Europe, and book in your Stoke Travel trips, and change it all around as new developments arise with the coronavirus situation, and we think that this is a great idea because…

    Booking trips can help you shake the coronavirus quarantine funk

    It offers a little bit of a distraction from doing nothing, because daydreaming up our dream trips can really help pass the time. We’re in quarantine here in Spain and what we’re finding is that a solid routine, broken up by doing things that make you feel human again, is really the only way to get through this with your sanity mostly intact. There’s no better way to see the light at the end of the quarantine then to defy COVID-19 and book all the travel that it’s trying to deny us. Do some research, make up a wish list of destinations and events, and then start locking it in so you have something to look forward to during the long, dark days ahead. 

    And once COVID-19 quarantines clear, the world is going to go into one hell of a party

    We’re certain that when our trips run later on this year they are going to be wild. Before this virus locked us down, all of our winter trips had sold out – literally all of them – and our numbers for everything else were way up on previous years. We were looking at the biggest and best year ever for Stoke Travel events, which naturally means the wildest parties anyone’s ever been to. We are still confident that come summer we’ll be back, everyone will be travelling again, you’ll be with us, and Coronavirus will just be a memory. So dream big and book some travel, because when this thing is done we’re going HAM!

    Where do you want to go with €1 deposits? Oktoberfest? The San Sebastian Surf Camp? Our Barcelona Boat Parties? Or any of our other amazing trips 


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