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    Will You Find Love At Stoke Travel?


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | February 14, 2018

    Will You Find Love At Stoke Travel?

     A shameless attempt to cash in on Valentine’s Day

    Yes, yes you will find love at Stoke Travel. But love is strange and comes in many forms, so the real question is which form of love will you find while you’re with us? Lucky for you we’ve been in the love game for some time now, so long that we’re often known as “The Lovers’ Choice”, and it’s been pretty easy for us to pull together this little list of some of the kinds of love you’ll find at Stoke Travel.

    Temporary Love

    This is the most common type of love found at Stoke Travel and it’s all yours if you want it. Temporary love is the love between a man and a woman or two women, or three men,or whatever, a love that doesn’t last long but burns brightly. Temporary love is usually forged at our famous campsite parties, when eyes are locked across the dancefloor and moves are traded like two birds of paradise shaking their impressive plumage to Missy Elliot. Once the gyrating is approved it’s on to the small talk, perhaps one member of the party will suggest that they get a drink, and hilariously claim that it’s on them despite the beers and sangrias being bottomless (€10 all-you-can-drink beer and sangria bar at almost all our destinations). At some point the braver party will go in for a lean in and then you’ll be making out hard in the public eye, really going for it. At some point the age-old question of “your tent or mine?” will have to be asked, where you’ll retreat for some awkward fooling around on air mattresses and backpacks, before stealing heat off each other for the night and then going your separate ways in the morning.

    Rating: four out of five awkward goodbyes.

    Love Yourself

    You can love yourself in many different ways, some appropriate for Stoke Travel and some not, the bottom line being that you should love yourself often, always. At Stoke it’s not so easy to love yourself as you don’t really get all that much alone time – even the solo tents are a mere few inches and a couple of layers of sound-porous nylon from your neighbours, and there is often a line for the showers and toilet cubicles with every impatient soul an impediment to getting your rocks off.  Nevertheless if there’s a will there’s always a way and if you need to love yourself –perhaps your quest for temporary or more meaninglful love has been fruitless – you’ll work out how to do it, and while we don’t want to know about it, we respect you for getting it done.

    Recommended: maybe take a little walk into the forest and love yourself amongst nature.

    Love Everybody

    We’re not specifically talking about orgies here, although when thousands of fun loving travellers get together at the world’s biggest and best parties group love is an inevitable eventuality. What we’re talking about is finding the right amount of Oktoberfest beer, or Pamplona sangria, mixing it with some of the greatest experiences a traveller will ever encounter, and realising just how great life is and how wonderful your new friends are. It’s that moment when you do, indeed, love everybody and everything, because there’s a collusion of factors that have come together just right and how lucky are you to be a part of it all! This affliction is sometimes known as an “affection erection” and is identified by the sufferer wearing a huge, stupid grin, looking around at everybody in their vicinity with wide shining eyes, and proclaiming How good is this! What’s your name man? And so on.

    See also: MDMA

    Special Love

    This is a less common type of love found at Stoke Travel, but that’s because it’s special. Special love isn’t temporary, or at least it doesn’t feel temporary while you’re wrapped up in its fuzzy embbrace. Special love forms from a connection beyond a stupid grin across the dancefloor and some awkward shaking of the posterior. It can be born over eating an included cooked breakfast, or under a tree on one of the grassed chillout areas, or on the shuttle ride into the festival. It requires more talking than its common, carnal cousin, a meeting of the minds, one that you will have every intention of following up on next time your paths cross, or indeed manipulating the paths so they come together again sooner rather than later. Because Stoke Travel attracts a diverse array of travellers that span nationalities, age brackets and backgrounds, you will meet people here you may not have spent a lot of time with beforehand, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll fall in special love with them. There have been plenty of couples who met at Stoke Travel who have gone on to get marrried and even divorced, so keep an eye out for your future ex-husband/wife when you’re with us next.

    Loving Life

    This one is the final and the most accesible of all the Stoke Travel loves, the love you’ll find when you’re travelling with like-minded legends from around the world, to the craziest parties and festivals, at destinations so gorgeous you’ll have to pinch yourself, with a travel company that is hopelessly devoted to making sure that you have the best time possible, be whoever you want to be, meet whoever you want to meet, and that’s probably why Stoke Travel is known as the company of love, because we really do adore showing you the best times and having them with you. Isn’t that just lovely? So lovely we kind of want to puke.

    Come and love with us this year. What are you after? Surfing in San Sebastian? Partying in Ibiza? Bulls? La Tomatina? Sziget? Why not all of them? Grab our passport and choose four trips from the 20+ we have on offer, and all for just €550, that’s 12 nights of all-inclusive at Europe’s top parties and festivals. Who doesn’t love that? 

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