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Stoke CEO und Vorstandsvorsitzender unter Beschuss wegen undichter E-Mails


Gepostet von Stoke Media Team
3 Jahren ago | Juni 16, 2017

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Corruption exposed:

Stoke Travel heavyweights Toby Paramor and Wade Gravy have come under fire over email correspondence unveiled by Wikileaks over the weekend. The emails reveal plans to funnel funds away from Stoke Travel and into Gravy’s personal side-project, 50 Feste.

Wikileaks released the emails between CEO Paramor and Chairman of the Board Gravy late Sunday night. The revelation comes after Stoke’s controversial announcement of plans to make redundant almost 50 highly-paid staff members in an effort to cut costs.

Political commentators have speculated that the leaked emails may force Gravy to step-down as leader of Spain’s Equality for Illegal Immigrants party.  

Paramor and Gravy had both declined to comment at the time of publication.  

Screenshots of the original emails can be viewed below.






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