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    Reasons to come to Munich for Stoketoberfest


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    5 months ago | May 5, 2021

    Reasons to come to Munich for Stoketoberfest

    You’ve heard about the official Oktoberfest being cancelled for 2021. You know what we’re offering for Stoketoberfest: the off-Oktoberfest. You want to come and join the fun, but you just need a little more convincing. Well… 

    OK, so the official period of mourning the cancellation of the official Oktoberfest has passed. We get it, 2021 was too spicy for the nerds organising the official event. They couldn’t handle the pressure, piked it, pulled back, backed out, let us down. We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed. Disappointed that after 12 Oktoberfests we’re going to have to wait another year to hit our lucky 13th beer fest in Munich…

    **Holy smokes, 2020 would have been our 13th Oktoberfest and it was cancelled. 2021 would also have been our 13th Oktoberfest and it’s cancelled. Are we cursed? Are we in a Groundhog style loop where the cosmos is conspiring to prevent our 13th Oktoberfest from going ahead? 

    Well, we won’t let the cosmos, or COVID, or any kind of cancellation win. We will go one better, step up to the plate, take a chance, have a dance, get in there, and get the job done.

    We will make sure that our 13th STOKETOBERFEST will go ahead in 2021 and thereby break the curse. And we need you with us, to help us. Will you help us? Here are some reasons for you to come to Munich for Stoketoberfest this year and help us break the curse of 13.

    Just because the official Oktoberfest is cancelled doesn’t mean that we can’t experience Oktoberfest

    Think of it this way – they just cancelled the Oktoberfest event at the Oktoberfest fairgrounds. The temporary beer tents that attract millions of revellers every year (that isn’t 2020 or 2021), the carnival rides, the tourist traps and the souvenirs. But the spirit of Oktoberfest isn’t confined to the Theresienwiese fairgrounds where the event is held; the spirit of Oktoberfest flows throughout the city of Munich, found in its historic beer halls and ambient beer gardens, along its streets and over its parks (and the “spirit of Oktoberfest” is Jaegermeister, so good luck with that). Whether the official event is cancelled or not, the city of Munich will be overflowing with that Oktoberfest feeling – and we’ll be there to make the most of every damn inch of it with exclusive Stoketoberfest: the off-Oktoberfest events taking place across the city, every day and night.

    Private parties in historic beer halls; day drinking sessions in beer gardens; our infamous Stoketoberfest campsite parties (with open beer bar); the Oktoberfest experience big-top party tent; after parties every night; and so, so many activities (we’re planning to hold a “running of the pretzels”, for example. Can you outrun a pretzel?).
    In fact, it kinda feels good to be relieved of the constraints put on us by the official event. Now we can do Oktoberfest our way, the way that means the most fun for you.

    Munich is where the original and best beer fest takes place

    Dubai is talking about hosting an Oktoberfest. Barcelona hosts an Oktoberfest. Your hometown German bar is probably going to host an Oktoberfest. But nowhere can host an Oktoberfest like Munich can host an Oktoberfest (say “host an Oktoberfest” again). See, the Oktoberfest isn’t just about drinking beer. Oh no no, it’s much more than that. It’s about drinking beer to celebrate Bavarian culture – the lederhosen and the dirndls and the singalong beer drinking songs – and there’s nowhere better to experience Bavarian culture than in Munich’s beer houses, breweries, and beer gardens. In fact, for the most part, Oktoberfest and all its Oktoberfest antics, are just a very enjoyable large-scale imitation of what takes place day in, day out, night and day in Munich’s many beer houses. That’s what Stoketoberfest: the off-Oktoberfest isn’t too fussed about the fairgrounds being shut down. We’re just going to get back to the original spirit of the event and take you to special events in the historic hearts of Bavarian beer drinking culture. 

    And in addition to our Stoketoberfest: the off-Oktoberfest events, the city of Munich is going to be absolutely vibing, because two years without Oktoberfest is two too many. We’re going to have so so so much fun out there.

    Because look, we love Oktoberfest, but it also has its issues

    As much as we love the event – we’ve been hosting beer lovers and party animals for 12 years (we already said that, we know) and for most of that time we’ve been BY FAR the biggest group of young travellers in Munich – it’s not as if Oktoberfest is perfect. Like, the beers in the temporary beer tents are delicious, but they’re more expensive than they are in the permanent beer halls, and the same goes for the food. And because they get such big crowds from all over the world, the security can be a little harsh on rowdy behaviour – the kind of behaviour you’d expect from a beer festival. And look, millions of people might be a few people too many… So we’re going to put on an event that fixes that. Like, all the beer in our camp will be FREE (once you pay the €10 beer surcharge – or book using a promo code FREEBOOZE cough cough). And then the beers at our events will be either included, or at least cheaper than Oktoberfest beers. And we’ll be very much more accommodating with “bad” behaviour, encouraging even, because we know that beer festivals require beer-induced antics. And yeah, millions of people are too many, but thousands? Thousands we can deal with.

    Because during a pandemic it’s better to host events for 1000s, not millions

    So we can understand why the government has cancelled the official event. But our Stoketoberfest: the off-Oktoberfest event of 1000s? No problems! They’re already holding events with 1000s of attendees in Barcelona, Liverpool and Amsterdam (we’re writing this in May) and with vaccinations rolling out, rapid testing, and cases dropping, come September and October we’re going to be better than OK to host 1000s of you guys…

    BUT our capacity will be reduced, which is nice during a pandemic, but this also means that we won’t be able to party with all of you. Some people will miss out on the fun. But not you. You’re going to do the smart thing and reserve your spot now with a risk-free completely refundable €1 deposit, with nothing more to pay until you’re sure you can travel to Munich to celebrate Stoketoberfest: the off-Oktoberfest with us. 

    BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW! It’ll only cost you €1.

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