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Barcelona Cocktail Class

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    April - October

    Barcelona Cocktail Class

    WE HOPE YOU’RE GETTING AS EXCITED FOR our Barcelona cocktail class AS MUCH AS WE ARE!

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    Map and directions

    The closest metro stop to the bar is Barceloneta on the yellow line L4 in the direction of La Pau.

    From here a short 5 minute walk to the bar.


    Collage Cocktail Bar

    Carrer dels Consellers, 1, 08003 Barcelona

    Whats included

    • Cocktails for the duration of the class: 5pm-8pm
    • Your very own personal bar tender 
    • Knowledge and history of alcohols and concotions
    • Private bar located in the trendy El Born barrio 
    • Great atmosphere and a guaranteed good time 


    Join the WhatsApp  group:

    Clubs: All Barclona Beach Clubs (subject to dress code and night.  Note Friday generally Pacha and Saturday Catwalk
    When: Daily meet 11:45pm sharp for midnight entry
    Check in location: NOT AT THE CLUB!!!!
    Meet the Stoke guide and show them your Stoke bracelet/booking confirmation in front of the Main Casino entrance on Moll de La Marina in Port Olimpic at 11:45 sharp!
    Note: Dress to impress (no sandals/beach clothes/Costumes) : All entries are subject to the doorman’s approval and you must bring photo ID
    Any problems: Call our host Rawi on whats app: 0049175 4516682

    Don’t Forget

    • Make sure you’ve lined your tummy with a hearty meal before-hand or you’ll end up on the floor!
    • Dress to the nines if you plan on painting the town red after your class  (the Barcelona beach clubs are notoriously strict) 
    • Keep an eye on your belongings at all times 


    • One of Barcelona’s most trendy bars
    • Provides professional equipment
    • Friendly and knowledgable staff
    • Located in the heart of Barcelonas bar barrio

    Be Safe:

    *If at any time you feel unsafe, please don’t hesitate to contact the onsite staff.

    As far as situations go, a Stoke Travel trip is amongst the safest. Unlike in the ‘real’ world, everybody here seems intent on having a good time and doing so with new and old friends – your fellow Stokies are way more likely to hold your hair back when you puke than lift your wallet.

    That being so, we’re more in danger of hurting ourselves while on a Stoke Travel trip than falling foul of our fellow travellers. Here’s a quick little guide to partying safe with Stoke Travel.

    1. Drink plenty of water.
      If you’re going to drink plenty of beer and sangria, and you’re going to have a plenty big hangover, but you can really limit it by smashing a few cups of water throughout the day and evening.
    2. Eat! We’re got plenty of cocktails we’ll be mixing up throughout the evening so make sure you line your stomachs.
    3. Don’t be a creep.
      Like, seriously, has that ever worked out for you? Similarly, if you see somebody being a creep and making people uncomfortable let us know and we’ll have a friendly word to them. Sometimes they just don’t realise how gross they are.
    4. If you see somebody having a bad time, make sure they’re ok.
      We are all brothers and sisters and gender non-specific relations out here, so if you see somebody struggling in any way check on them, grab a Stoke staff member and just do what any decent human being would do.

    Staying safe at Stoke Travel is super easy, but sometimes we get a little out of control and forget the basics. If you ever find yourself in any kind of situation do not hesitate to contact Stoke staff, or security, and we’ll sort you out immediately. We’re here to help – help you have the best time possible.

    What to bring

    • Just bring yourself and get ready for a good time!
    • A camera to catch those aw-ha moments 

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