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    22 September - 7 October


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    Map & directions 


     Camping Thalkirchen, Zentralländstraße 49, 81379 Munich

    Not situated at Stoke Travel’s usual party campsite, we’ve got a different Glamping option for Oktoberfest, the world’s greatest beer festival and a firm favourite on every traveller’s bucket list. Big strong beers, German drinking food, dancing bands and carnival rides make the festival. Our Oktoberfest glamping packages take the best parts of festival camping and combine it with hotel comforts. Enjoy a cozy place to rest up for whatever chaotic festivities await you during waking hours. 

    Meet us there! Check out Omio for the best rates on buses, trains, and flights around Europe. Once you get to Munich, it is super easy to catch public transport to the campsite.


    Getting to the campsite:

    From the airport, jump on either the S1 or S8 train to Marienplatz. Once you arrive in Marienplatz change to the orange U3 line (direction Fürstenried West) to Thalkirchen(Tierpark). From there, jump on the 135 bus which takes you straight to the door of the campsite! When you arrive, we are up the back, on the right hand side, away from the other companies.

    Getting to the beer halls:

    The 135 bus leaves directly from the front of the campsite. Stay on for 3 stops and get off at Thalkirchen (Tierpark) stop. Jump on the U3 (direction – Olympiazentrum) for 3 stops and get off at Poccistraße. It’s just a couple minute walk away (follow the dirndls and lederhosens!). 


    • Pre-erected Glamping tent which you are able to stand up in
    • Bed that is off the ground
    • A hearty breakfast every morning – your eggs are freshly cooked just for you, and you even get to choose how they’re done!
    • Towels
    • One hot shower token per day 
    • Triple the warmth with fitted bed sheet, duvet and a hot water bottle 
    • Power and night light 
    • Free wifi 
    • Bedside table for all your important things
    • Mirror and bin
    • Unlimited coffee, tea, hot chocolate (with marshmallows) to help keep you warm between 8am and 8pm
    • Access to festival guides with handy tips to Munich and Oktoberfest
    • Private festival Glamping Garden Area to relax outside the party
    • Lamazuna is providing you a reusable toothbrush, a solid toothpaste and a solid shampoo for glamping customers only


    • Traditional Oktoberfest outfits – You’ll really stick out like a sore thumb if you’re not decked out in one of these, plus it’s always fun to dress up in your traditional German outfits and take pics for the gram to make all your friends back home jealous… these can be purchased from the shop on site! 
    • Hot showers – It can get a little chilly in Munich around this time of year and what better way to warm your bones (and wash away your sins) than with a hot shower. In order to do this though, you need to purchase shower tokens, so have your coins at the ready €1.80 per token, or if you’re feeling brave cold showers are free! (1 token will give you 8 minutes of bliss)
    • Oktoberfest 7s tickets  – Rugby 7’s is one of two rugby variants played all over the world. It’s named after the number of players, 7 per team, and is a damn good time to watch. If you wanna experience some live sports with a crazy atmosphere in between beer hall sessions, then get on board – €29, available September 21 & 22
    • Munich bike tour – Feel like hopping on a bike and riding around picturesque Munich for a few hours, getting in some exercise and seeing the sights? We’ve got a treat for you. The boozy bike tour through Munich will take you to all the main attractions, is a pretty flat ride right through, and you get to stop for lunch and beers (not included in price), what’s not to love?! €25
    • Oktoberfest table bookings – Don’t want to push your way through to crowd and eye off tables? Reserve yourself your very own spot at a table in one of the infamous beer halls. Not only will you get a guaranteed table spot, the price also includes food and beer tokens – email for information on prices and table availability 
    • City to city busses

    campsite facilities:

    • Hot shower tokens – €1.80 for 8 minutes
    • Washrooms with hot showers, toilets and facilities for the disabled
    • Power supply for shavers and hair dryers
    • Laundry with washing machine – tokens can be purchased for €6 from campsite reception, tumble dryer – €0.50 for 8 minutes
    • Drinkable fresh tap water
    • Washing basin for small clothes and dishes – €0.50 for hot water – but the hack is to heat with kettle or over a burner
    • Cooking facilities available
    • Self-service shop for groceries, camping equipment, propane, camping gas , souvenirs and of course German lederhosen and dirndls 
    • Restaurant with covered terrace overlooking the river. This best place if you are around in time for dinner!
    • Outdoor sitting room
    • Tourist information and other services: stamp sale, letterbox, bus tickets, public telephone, first aid
    • Surf-able river wave right next to the campsite

    Don’t Forget

    • Cash. Better to be safe than sorry. You’ll need cash for beers and delicious German food inside the halls, for supplies from the supermarket and for hot showers at the campsite.
    • Your passport! You will need it to check in at the campsite, they will take a photocopy and provide you with a wristband that gives you access to the camp. This is not a stoke wristband, you’ll get that on your next stop.
    • Check in is at 2pm – If you arrive before then, there will be a sign out the front for you, you’ll check in at the campsite reception and make your way to the glamping area.
    • If arriving between the allocated check in hours of 2pm-11pm, someone will be out front to meet you and take you through the steps, anyone checking in after 11pm must notify us first via either of the following numbers:
      Managers: Becca & Ben +44 777 346 8271 
      Customer Service Support: Gabby +34 605 321 051
    • Check out is 10am on the day you leave us
    • We can cater for dietary requirements, please email us at to let us know if you have any
    • Your best party shirt
    • Warm clothes (it gets pretty chilly at night)
    • Your dirndl/lederhosen. YOU WILL LOOK REALLY SILLY IF YOU’RE NOT WEARING ONE! If you don’t have one pre-prepared, you can buy one from the store at the campsite. 
    • Condoms (better safe than sorry, right?)
    • Bring closed toe shoes. It gets chilly and no one likes cold toes. Also, no one likes having their toes stepped on inside the beer halls
    • A water bottle to fill up. You’ll be saving the environment and staying hydrated all at the same time! How good!


    *If at any time you feel unsafe, please don’t hesitate to contact the onsite Noble Security team, or any member of the Stoke Travel crew who will radio for security.

    As far as situations go, a Stoke Travel trip is amongst the safest. Unlike in the ‘real’ world, everybody here is intent on having a good time with new and old friends – your fellow Stokies are way more likely to hold your hair back while you puke than steal your wallet.

    That being so, we’re more in danger of hurting ourselves while on a Stoke Travel trip than falling foul of our fellow travellers. Here’s a quick little guide to partying safe with Stoke Travel.

    • Drink plenty of water.
      You’re going to drink heaps of beer and sangria, and you’re going to have a plenty big hangover, but you can really limit it by smashing a few cups of water throughout the day and evening.
    • Remember to eat!
      We’re going to hook you up with a hearty breakfast, depending on your trip, and as the bare minimum that should keep your stomach lined and engine running. Do not skip these meals, even if you are suffering horrifically from one of the aforementioned hangovers. We also strongly advise getting a lunch in there too, maybe even every day.
    • Zip your tent up when you’re in it and when you leave it.
      Seems basic, but you’d be surprised how often drunk us forgets to do this. When you get in your tent at night make sure you zip it up to prevent unexpected rain showers from disturbing your slumber. Same goes for when you leave your tent. It’ll take two seconds to zip it up, but that’ll save you from wet clothes, chafe, and maybe even pneumonia. If you also brought your favourite pair of socks and want to make sure they’re safe, you can purchase a lock from the guru tent for only €5. 
    • Don’t be a creep.
      Like, seriously, has that ever worked out for you? Similarly, if you see somebody being a creep and making people uncomfortable let us know and we’ll have a friendly word to them. Sometimes they just don’t realise how gross they are.
    • No means no, consent matters.
      At a very basic level if you hit on somebody and they say no then you’ve just got to cop that. They’re just not that into you. It sucks for about three seconds, but you’re literally surrounded by hundreds of young, like-minded travellers. Suck it up and move on. When you do find somebody who’s into you and you want to move through the bases, make sure you get consent. It really, really, really, really, really does matter.  
    • If you see somebody having a bad time, make sure they’re ok.
      We are all brothers and sisters and gender non-specific relations out here. If you see somebody struggling in any way, check on them, grab a Stoke staff member and just do what any decent human being would do.

    Staying safe at Stoke Travel is super easy, but sometimes we get a little out of control and forget the basics. If you ever find yourself in any kind of situation do not hesitate to contact Stoke staff, or security, and we’ll sort you out immediately. We’re here to help – help you have the best time possible. Mwah.

    What to Bring


    • Cash. You may not be able to get cash out until you’re in the city centre, so better to come prepared than be left in the lurch 
    • We need your passport details! Either send them through to us with your booking number to, or bring your passport with you to camp so we can check you in
    • When you arrive follow the signs to the Stoke Travel check in desk
    • Phone charging is available at our guru tent for €1. This is cash only. Our charging stations are often at capacity. We’d recommend bringing a portable charger to ensure your phone stays charged, so you can get all those snaps
    • We can cater for dietary requirements, please email us at to let us know if you have any
    • Your best party shirt – If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Check out our Stoke Threads store for some absolute doozys! 
    • Warm clothes (it can get a quite chilly at night, and sometimes even during the day)
    • A towel (we don’t sell or rent them on site) 
    • A pillow if your backpack won’t do
    • Condoms (better safe than sorry, right?)

    Guides Guide


    A DAY AT Thalkirchen

    This is a rough itinerary of the Thalkerchin Glamping package. The beauty of staying with Stoke Travel is that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, your way. 



    Chef prepared breakfast to get you all fuelled up for a day of drinking and mayhem in the beer halls. You can choose the way your eggs are done, have a hot shower and wake up slowly ready for the day ahead. 


    12pm (or whenever you’re ready) onwards Head to the beer halls

    Make your way to the Oktoberfest beer halls for a day full of antics. Ask the Stoke guides for directions, and meet us at the Augustiner-Festhalle tent! We’ll spend the day drinking, prost-ing eating and singing before some of us head back to camp to rest up, enjoy the sights and have some dinner at the cafe. Those who are still keen and feeling festive can stay and make their way back to the campsite later. 


    More exploring! 

    If you’ve stayed at the beer halls you can head out and explore, go on some carnival rides and see what Oktoberfest after dark is all about. If you’ve come back to camp for dinner, you can head back into the beer halls for round 2 and some carnival rides if it takes your fancy.


    11pmParty winds down and we rest up for tomorrow

    The beer halls have closed for the night, and because we’ve been drinking all day, it’s time to resort to our tents for some much needed rest before we get up and do it all again tomorrow! 

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