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    A Kook’s Guide To Learning How Not To Surf


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | February 8, 2017

    A Kook’s Guide To Learning How Not To Surf

    Everybody knows that surfing is cool. You know it and we know it and everybody knows it. One thing that everybody doesn’t know is that once upon a time nobody could surf. Not one person. But then we all learned how to surf and now we’re as cool as fuck. Some people are scared to learn how to surf, but you really should learn how to surf, because without having the ability to shred up gnarly green-rooms, being cool becomes a more difficult prospect.

    To anybody who still isn’t convinced that they should learn how to surf, here are a few videos from our friends at Kookslams and Kook Of The Day to get you in the mood for a nice, deep slamming (yeah, we’ve done this before, but it’s such an important message to get out there that we thought we’d do it again).

    Kook video number one: too good for life

    This is what happens when you’re too good to not be a complete beginner, but not good enough to surf without professional instruction. Look at how proud he is when he catches the wave under his own paddle power, witness his arrogant gloating as he out-surfs his chum, and then relish in his eating of the sand, as the gentle roller turns into a vicious shore pound and fill his every orifice with fist-sized pebbles.

    Kook video number two: 

    Enthusiasm is key to learning how to surf, but too much enthusiasm can see you running off pier in a leg-flailing frenzy only to have all the wind knocked out of you along with your lungs and probably three quarters of your intestine. The lesson here is to absolutely take on your new surfing career with gusto, but not so much gusto that break all of your ribs.

    Kook video number three

    This one was filmed by Stoke Travel ourselves down the road from our office on Barcelona beach. Again the subject displays great enthusiasm, but it seems that as soon as he hits the water he gives up on surfing, and maybe life, and instead of paddling just lays there and succumbs to his pathetic fate. At the Stoke Travel San Sebastian surf camp we’ll teach you how to paddle like ducks so that you never find yourself sitting like ducks at the mercy of the vicious shorebreak.

    Kook video four

    And here is a little montage of everything you will be if you try and take up surfing without attending the San Sebastian Surf Camp. Does this look cool to you? Of course it doesn’t! And looking cool is our main objective with taking up this surfing malarkey, so if you don’t want to be a total jerk like these kooks, make sure you book your bed with us now, so that by the end of this summer you’ll be surfing like a super hero.

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