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    Boozeletter: Spring Has Sprung

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | April 7, 2016

    Boozeletter: Spring Has Sprung

    Spring has sprung and we couldn’t be happier.

    Don’t get us wrong, winter’s alright. But there’s just a je ne sais quoi about spring that makes us all warm in the bowels of our bellies (that is the scientific term for one’s loins). Have you been outside recently?

    The trees and flowers are getting it on all over the place! Thankfully their love smells lovely, because the place is literally buzzing with amorous arboreal affection (what’s the story with bees? They carry the floral love funk of the man plant to the woman plant? Gross!).

    Anyway, we’re sounding a little creepy here. Just wanted to say that it’s hard to not get caught up in all the ♥ this time of year. So what do we do? Well we make the most of it. We plan some amazeballs events and trips and we really get in there and make the most of it! It’s spring baby! Take your pants off…

    sea dog

    It’s the time to hit the high seas.

    Y’know it’s spring when we wet our mainsail and point our starboard bow towards Davey Jones’ locker. Starting on April 1st we’ve commandeered a vessel and we’re going to conquer the small nautical space in front of Barcelona.
    The boat has great music, an open bar, and even a trambampoline off-a the back. Yeah, we know, it sounds super sweet. We will be heading out every Sunday 3 hours before the sunset, we’ll cruise around and watch the sun disappear and then cruise back.
    How lovely!
    For more info you better be clicking on here homegirl.

    Yaargh, I chased a stick and never came back.


    Let’s go to Ibiza this spring
    Doris and Malcolm had too many daiquiris to deal with the paparazzi that afternoon.

    We’re coming in hot with partying on the mind.
    Have you been to spring break? It’s too awesome! The weather is warm already, but it’s not so crowded you can’t get near the bar.
    We’ve got sweet deals on accommodation and transport and we’re heading out there in April and in May.
    We know you’ll be joining us…

    What else?
    Come at me summer, I’m ready for ya!

    Plenty of stuff! Like what?
    Some more spring and plenty of summer stuff, that’s what:
    * The tours and surf camp in Morocco go all year, though admittedly it’s best to get down now before it gets too hot (yep, when you’re near the Sahara it really can get too hot).
    * Been to Barcelona? Well have ya been there with us!? We’ve totes got our own bar, we do all kinds of culturally-getting-you-drunk stuff, like tours and cooking classes and jazz. Plus we’ve got a nice tiny hostel and, well, you get to party with us on our own turf. Whaddya waiting for?
    * We’re doing a trip to Italy from Barcelona. We’re going by boat and we’re planning on eating pasta, riding scooters and slicking our hair back. Want to visit the land of the authentic guido with us?
    * We’ll be back in San Sebastian in May! Oh yeah, here comes the best darn summer anyone could hope for. We’ve got a tiny bit of physical arousal just thinking about it. Anyone want to surf?
    * Wine fight mother flippers! This is the best underground festival we do (shucks, we know, we say that about all the festivals). Party by night in a little spanish village and spend the morning throwing wine on the locals? ¡Muy bien!
    * Fancy being chased through narrow streets by half tonne horned death machines? Us too.
    * How’s about combining the world famous tomato fight with a couple of much less famous festivals. Only in Spain.
    * Old drinky. The great German October booze bender. Oktoberfest bitches!

    Tantalised? Good, so are we. Now get a planning, because we seriously want to meet y’all, and party with y’all, very soon.

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