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June 2016: Stoketoberfest

Stoketoberfest: a brief history It was almost a decade ago that the weary Stoke caravan limped into a Munich campsite with delusions of festive grandeur, Stoketoberfest. The caravan was loaded…

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Stoke Travel Is Looking For Creative Interns

To live, laugh, love, pray, eat, drink and sometimes pass out in Barcelona Have you got a passion for words? For the moving picture? For likes? Stoke Travel, Europe’s —…

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Boozeletter: Five Oktoberfest Beer Facts

This list was initially “it’s beer” five times, but a little digging gave us five real things about Oktoberfest beer that’ll put saliva on your tongue and a sway in…

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The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World: A Competition

The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World competition is back, and this year we’re looking for two chosen ones. Do you love writing, shooting videos and photos, bragging to your…

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The New And Improved Stoke Travel Passport

Introducing the Stoke Travel Passport   Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Zalig Kerstfeest! Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale! Nizhonigo Keshmish! Bon Nadal! Eguberri on!   Or Bah humbug, whatever floats your boat….

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Five Items Every Traveller Carries But Never Uses

At the bottom of everyone’s bag is a collection of items that haven’t been used once, but your inner hoarder refuses to get rid of as you’re convinced at some point they’ll be absolutely essential and you’ll be kicking yourself if you’ve thrown them out.

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May 2016: Grannies

People think Stoke is for young people, but there are so many reasons why not just young people travel with Stoke. We accept everyone of all ages, races, faces, and…

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The Boozeletter: Tomato, is it a Fruit or Vegetable?

The question is: tomato: fruit or vegetable? They say that the world is divided between those who say tomató and others who say tomáto, but that point of difference barely…

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March 2016: Flexibility Poses

Hello, and welcome the new edition of Stoke News of March 2016 It would be remiss of us not to mention the tragedy in Belgium and Pakistan this past week…

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Boozeletter: Most Ordinary Extraordinary Job In The World Edition

We see these “Best Job In The World” promotions popping up often, offering lucky punters a job that isn’t really a job, a glorified galavanting around the globe, sampling all…

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