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    March 2016: Flexibility Poses

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | June 20, 2017

    March 2016: Flexibility Poses

    Hello, and welcome the new edition of Stoke News of March 2016

    It would be remiss of us not to mention the tragedy in Belgium and Pakistan this past week but please travelers, do not let this heinous act stop you from moving around. Experiencing culture and speaking to people is the exact way to combat this. So that everyone understands that people are people no matter who and what and where they are from. Now, onto the dick jokes and the shameless asking you to come join us on adventures in the boozeletter of March 2016!

    Easy Peasy, Sexy Flexy, the Yogi’s of the travel world

    Here at Stoke Travel, we’ll bend over backwards to make travel easy for you. We know life happens and circumstances change and we all need to adapt with them.

    So we have our 3 flexibility poses:

    1) Free name change on booking
    2) Only 50% deposit on booking
    3) Deposit can be used towards another booking in case of cancellation when booking directly with us on all Stoke Festival Campsite stays

    This means you can book without the stress of the unexpected. We are on your side and that is the beer side and we like beer and you like beer, so be here with us and let’s not get caught up in asterisks and complex T&C’s. Let’s keep it simple and tipsy.

    1. Stoke PassportMarch 2016

    Don’t think of dates, you can use our passport as dual citizenship to good times. 23 adventures await you and all are better than the last when you get to know each other and our staff (biblically) (carnally) and become our friends.
    Choose your festivals and dates 1 week before your trips, and experience total freedom and total unlimited booze free, as our premium customers.

    Click here to book

    2. Springfest (Frülingsfest)

    Oktoberfest’s little sister, with no crowds, better sun to go wheeling on the Ferris’s, and more flowers on your head while you smash a beer or six. A gentler version of the largest public festival in the world. Train thee thusly here and learn how to keep in good stead with the bar maids.
    Or retire to our camp and drink for free!

    Click here to book

    March 20163. Bulls/San Fermin

    Brave? Stupid? Desire to be horny?
    Come with us to our craziest festival and experience up to 8 days of nonstop Pamplona – literally never stopping anything – not parties, not food, not booze. The only thing that stops is the bulls after they’ve charged at you at 8am on the dot on a 1.2 km road.
    Then come back and you can relax with us in the sun, with a forest behind you and a pool below you, oh and unlimited beer and sangria at our Stoke bar.

    April Fools Special: This is no joke!

    Book before 30th April to get free unlimited beer & sangria. Applies to San Vino, Running of the Bulls, Zarautz Beach Camp and BBK packages. Use promocode: BULLSBOOZE
    Click here to book

    In short, we can’t wait to see you. Every year is more exciting than the last and we love having you. We’ll stretch the fun further so you can have maximum good times with minimal pain, well, except of course for the hangover.

    If you can’t find the party, you MUST be the party.

    Love from
    Stoke Travel

    February 2016
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