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    The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World: A Competition

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | July 3, 2018

    The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World: A Competition

    The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World competition is back, and this year we’re looking for two chosen ones. Do you love writing, shooting videos and photos, bragging to your friends on social media or are just a legendary traveller? Well you can win the summer of your dreams. Read on… 

    Stoke Travel is offering you, yep little old everyday you, the chance to something do truly extraordinary this summer. Every day we give ordinary people the chance to step outside of their comfort zones and have the time of their life — whether it be eating sand while surfing in France and Spain; sweating out, and restocking, toxins in Ibiza’s clubs; drinking your weight in German beer at Oktoberfest; or partying with dangerous beasts in Pamplona, Stoke Travel have made it our life’s mission to get as many people as possible into as many outrageous situations as we can.

    Now it’s your turn. We’re looking for some Chosen Ones, the Golden Children, an ordinary people ready to do something extraordinary, to power up to the next level and come along on all of our trips and have as much fun as is inhumanly possible. We’re looking for travellers who want to run wild across Europe this summer and document the experience for us. We want you to be a FOMO merchant, dealing out disappointment and envy to everybody who witnesses the blogs, videos and photo galleries you create about your summer with Stoke Travel.

    Oh, and you’ll need to put up some tents and help out in the kitchen. This is, after all, a competition for the most extraordinary ordinary job in the world. You’ve got to pay a little to play a lot.

    That’s why we’re not looking for pretentious and gorgeous “Instafamous” jerks who are too worried about their look to get their hands dirty. We want low-down legendary normal people, jokesters and pranksters, party animals and fun lovers, travellers, but not polished and perfect travellers, the type who get themselves in all kinds of situations and always end up on their feet, thanks to their big smile and ability to bounce back and soldier on in the face of adversity.

    Sound like you or somebody you know? Read on.

    Who Are The Ordinary People?

    You, me, us, we, everybody. Stoke Travel might not be for everybody, but it is for anybody. We love nothing more than, for a brief while, taking people out of their everyday lives and showing them the best time possible. Stoke Travel isn’t just for the beautiful people, although everybody who comes with us is utterly gorgeous; we don’t deal in glamour, we are specialists in fun. We exist only to help you shake you out of your comfort zone and coax you out of your shell. In our completely judgement-free party space you can be whoever you want to be, and isn’t that something extraordinary in today’s world?

    What Are The Extraordinary Things?

    It all starts in late June, when you join us for San Vino, The Wine Fight, in Spain’s La Rioja wine-making region. From there, soaked in wine, we’ll go to Pamplona, for the infamous Running Of The Bulls, its utterly legendary street parties, and our very own Stoked in the Park music and culture festival. A short ride away is the San Sebastian Surf Camp, where you’ll pass the days exploring the Basque Country and its cuisine, while filling your face with saltwater and sand. A few days on our Surfari will also see you discovering the coastline further along into Spain and France, finding the best waves and the besterer beaches. From one coast of Spain to another, we’ll shuttle you across to Barcelona, where Stoke has its base, and a city that we know how to squeeze the most out of. Art and activities, tapas and techno, you’ll see why this is many people’s numero uno, before leaving the Catalan coast and heading to Ibiza, the world’s number one party island, where all-nighters and lazy days rule the roost, under the everclear Mediterranean sky. The penultimate stop takes us to Valencia and its La Tomatina festival, a few hours of fruit (vegetable?) throwing madness, surrounded by a couple of days spent exploring Spain’s underrated third city. From there we’re heading north and inland to Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest beer drinking festival, and the final event on Stoke’s summer calendar. You’d think that after a summer like that another drunken festival would be the last thing on your mind, but you’d be mistaken. Stoke somehow saves the wildest for last, and you’re the Chosen One because of your stamina.

    What’s Included?

    All accommodation and transfers from San Vino to Oktoberfest. Meals and drinks when in camp. You’ll need a little spending money for souvenirs, outside dinners and cocktails in clubs, everything else, we’ve got.

    What do we want?

    A written and video blog, plus photo diary, from every trip you go on. An Instagram post to the Stoke Travel instagram account twice a week (yes, you can give yourself a shoutout). SnapChat takeovers at every event. We want you to be having the best time ever and telling the world about it. We don’t necessarily want filmmakers and novelists, although they’re more than welcome to apply, but you’ve got to be able to hold a camera and cut a clip, as well as put your thoughts and experiences into words. You’re going to live a Stoke summer and we want you to shout about it.

    Who do we want?

    This year we’re looking for two chosen ones, someone more focused on the video side of things and another to write the blogs, so when you’re applying make sure your talent shines. You have to be excited about experiencing the best summer of your life, and have a passion for documenting travelling and partying.

    How Do You Become The Chosen One?

    You gotta want it! Do you want it? Of course you do. We the following from all applicants:

    1. A written story telling us about the time that you, an ordinary person, did something truly extraordinary. 500 words max. Keep it funny, make it weird and get your punctuation right.
    2. A video introducing yourself to us. Who are you? What makes you awesome? Sell yourself to Stoke in under a minute. You need to send the video to us as an mp4, so we can see if the people love your audition.
    3. The five strangest photos from your travels. We want our Chosen One to have an eye for quirk.
    4. Your blogs and/or social media accounts so we can stalk you and make sure that you’re a weirdo, but not that kind of weirdo,
    5. Email all submissions to

    We need all this submitted by May 15th, when we’ll choose the finalists. From the finalists the winner will be decided by social media, with the big announcement soon after. You’ve got to be either in Europe, or ready and willing to get here. Opportunities like these don’t come along often, so drop everything and impress us. We’re ready to meet you. Let’s GO!


    Terms and Conditions

    1. All submissions can be used by Stoke Travel in their promotions,
    2. The finalists and winner will be decided by Stoke Travel’s judging panel.
    3. All entries will be influenced by social media likes, shares and comments, so if we share your entry  be ready to get your friends to vote for you,
    4. Stoke Travel reserves the right to make the final decision,
    5. Final submissions on April 15th with the winner announced sometime in May,
    6. Prize includes all transfers and accommodation from San Vino to Oktoberfest. Period of prize is June 27th until September 25th,
    7. All entrants will be eligible for special deals and offers on Stoke Travel trips,
    8. We’re weird and wild and want you to be too. Shock us, entertain us, do whatever it takes to make us notice you.
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