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    May 2016: Grannies

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | November 2, 2017

    May 2016: Grannies

    May 2016People think Stoke is for young people, but there are so many reasons why not just young people travel with Stoke. We accept everyone of all ages, races, faces, and crimes committed in passion.

    Stoke Boozeletter – the news for May 2016: your grandmother is better than you, and wetter

    So this year it’s Stoke’s “Bring your Grandma and you and Nan stay free” year (PS, call her now, she misses you).

    If she’s got stories to tell that are more interesting and long-winded than yours, we’ll take her. And don’t think Grandpa isn’t included. Stoke is all about Pop Pop. We would feel silly if we didn’t invite his shrivelly willy.

    Henceforth, 5 reasons why there are festivals you should bring your old old folks to.

    freaky grannies

    Van Surfari France & Spain

    What’s cooler than cool? Not ice cold, it’s grandma surfing alright alright alright alright now ladies, who wants to jump in a van and surf through the Atlantic coast of Spain and France? Now fellas – who wants to be guided and driven and minded and lined up with new friends and old people and a guide for if you’re an inexperienced gromlet or a kick ass goblin? Surf the waves, ride the road and let’s play hey ya out of our shitty iPhone speakers.
    Check it out here.

    May 2016

    Running of the Bulls

    You all know we love Running of the Bulls. It’s a fantastic festival in a beautiful town that has fireworks, red wine, crazy impromptu Spanish bands and grandmas facing off against you in a dancing competition. And let me warn you: these women danced their way through multiple wars and Back to the Future films.

    We stay on a hillside campsite with a pool and a river for you and your ancestors to wash off the red wine from the night before.
    Oh and there’s also bulls to run with – we’ll have a guide taking you in every morning and an open bar in the centre of town to fill you with confidence and bravado, for €10 a day.
    For all the sordid details, click here.

    The Nude Run

    This year Stoke will attempt a world record of streaking on the day of the first Bull Run. Now I know you want to see Grandma and Grandpa on this, no shame, total floppiness. We will run from our bar in Pamplona to the town hall. Every participant gets a Stoke pack and the first to town hall and back receives a Stoke Passport for being the jiggliest flop sock since Donald Trump’s face.
    Join the team here.

    May 2016

    Big BBQ & Sports Day London

    Ah sports day, our favourite day in school, where red meets blue, like crips and bloods we fight for our house. And here we are with Aussies vs Kiwis in London this Saturday 14 May, out for blood and driveby’s. Join us for this epic battle. Who’ll win? The kangaroos or the hobbits? The Orcs or the Jackmans? Only the long white cloud and the big red rock will know.
    More info here.

    Croatia Love Beats

    May 2016This trip is not included in the bring-your-granny offer, but maybe Pops could teach you some dance moves before you go and we’ll give you a discount to help you on your way.

    Have you ever wanted to experience a unique arts and music festival in a secluded part of the world? Think Bestival meets The Falls Festival and Splendour in the Grass in the middle of Serbia. Bet your Grampy hasn’t been there yet. Join Stoke Beats this Summer and see why the history, culture and underground nightlife are what makes the Balkans a unique part of Europe.

    From the original sound of Belgrade, the beauty and serenity of Sarajevo to the stunning Croatian beaches, this trip is not to miss.

    Included is 8 nights accommodation, 3 day pass to LOVEFEST, transport through Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia, guides full of local knowledge, optional walking tours, and private parties with famous Balkan DJs.

    Book here with the promo code BOOZEBEATS to score yourself a nice little discount.
    Let’s party like it’s 1929!
    * The bring-your-granny offer is valid for two nights on selected Stoke Festival trips. Email us for more details or to tell us your most embarrassing moment with Nan.

    May 2016

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