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    Chicken or beef?

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    8 years ago | April 7, 2016

    Chicken or beef?

    No vocation for location, just a good ol’ time

    It’s always good to have a few choices in life: salty or sweet, chicken or beef, margarine or butter, underwear or commando, left nut or right nut? The great thing about Fall is that we get to choose whether we want to run into the sun and surf another day in summer or embrace the cold and try out a snow season. 
Or you can have the best of both worlds, no need to choose! Like having both your balls this Fall season.bad920f251a36f8e97739c1c0e7f0d80

    This year, have a looksy at our new winter-wonderlust location in Austria, like Australia minus the -al and the kangaroos and the bogans. Actually, nothing like Australia at all. They do some weird shit here like drink schnapps and jager instead of tea, slide down the slopes in plastic bags to get to work and have people dressed as beast-like creatures running around town beating the evil out of young people on Christmas Eve. So we thought, fuck it, let’s party here!
    Ski and snowboard in Austria – €110 (Accommodation, breakfast and dinner every day, ski passes, free hour of beer and sangria every night, snow, mountains, Austrianess, etc, etc, just come, promise you’ll fall sled over heels!)
    And let’s not forget about the snow season in the beautiful country Andorra (yes, it’s a real country) . Deep in the Pyrenees, we’re hitting the booze, the slopes and the dance moves. Come on down for tax free boarding, partying, pants dropping and good times. Good for all levels: advanced, intermediate, beginners and spastics. 
Andorra Trip – 220€ (Transport from Barcelona, accommodation breakfast and dinner, ski passes, Andorraness, etc)
    If I say Morocco, you say?? HELLz YEAH! There’s not much convincing people need to do to get someone down here. Anybody who’s anybody knows that this is the place to be if you want to get your H20 fix! When in doubt, paddle out! Come on down the the Stoke Moroccan Surf Camp for an all inclusive surf package (hangovers optional) or basic deals. All inclusive 50€ a day (Accommodation, all meals, surf equipment hire, lessons, surf guiding, parties)
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    It’s always greener where its grasser, it’s always better when it’s wetter, it’s always stranger when it’s strange, it’s always cleverer when you’re running out of clever things to say (Oh crud, let’s just end it with a punctuation mark). End question, chicken or beef?

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