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    Happy New Year Boozeletter

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    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | December 30, 2016

    Happy New Year Boozeletter

    New Year, new you! Are your resolutions in order? Have you deluded yourself into thinking you’ll miraculously become a new person once the clock ticks over into 2017? We haven’t! We’re on a gentle path to self improvement every damn day; in fact New Years Day is the number one worst time to begin the first day of the rest of your life, because even if you’ve only mildly done New Years Eve right you’ll be the bearer of a soul-crushing hangover.


    For our part, we plan on being equally as shitty in 2017 as we were in 2016. Of course “shitty” for us means fucking exceptional, especially with the relaunch of our ever popular passport product, now new and simplified, with all the bargain benefits that made it such a hit in 2015/2016. If you click through to that link you’ll find a video that explains it all and will get you well and revved up for Europe 2017.


    Speaking of videos, we’re producing a series of guides about our favourite European cities (read: their watering holes), with the first up and live now about beautiful Barcelona. If you’re coming here, been here, want to go here, or like bar hopping then this guide is right up your alley (plus it was made by the team from 50 Fiestas, so where could we go wrong?).


    Speaking of Barcelona, we’re gearing up to welcome the latest wave of study abroad students arriving for the 2017 spring semester. We again pledge to do whatever we can to prevent these guys from studying any more than the bare minimum required for a pass. Ps get degrees, after all. We’ll be launching a student-specific passport for each semester, allowing the study abroaders the freedom and flexibility of a Stoke Travel Passport designed specifically around their schedule. We also tell them where Barcelona’s best sandwiches are, because we’re good like that.


    And if you’re reading this before NYE, then don’t miss our little guide to that awkward piece of time between Christmas and the New Years. We liken it to a certain part of our anatomy, you know, the bit that’s not your… or your… either.


    So all in all, we just want to wish you guys a realllllll goddamn great New Years Eve, and an even better 2017, when we’ll be sure to see you, right? Of course we will.

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