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    The Tattoos You’ll See In Every Hostel : Part Two


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    7 years ago | August 3, 2017

    The Tattoos You’ll See In Every Hostel : Part Two

    Six more tattoos that you’ll find on at least one person at every hostel you stay, ever.


    We recently posted an article called, The tattoos you’ll see in every hostel, but there are just so many of them that we couldn’t fit them all in on the first one, so here’s round two.

    Sun And Moon

    Worn by those with a deep connection to the universe and everything in it – they dreadlocked their hair too but realise not everyone knows the spiritual meaning behind this cultural appropriation/hairstyle, so they needed something a little more obvious as back up. More than likely also wearing rings and an annoying amount of bracelets from urban outfitters.

    Dream catcher

    Dream catchers are believed to have been created by a mystical protective spider woman. They’re hung above children’s beds so that the good dreams in the air can be caught and dripped down the feathers into the children’s minds and the bad dreams can be caught up in the string and burnt by the day light. Its an old and very lovely belief of the Native American people. People who not only have to deal with being shoved aside in their own country but who also have to watch basic bitches pick and choose the most fashionable parts of the Native American culture to tattoo on their butts.

    Palm tree

    More than likely straight out of Pinterest’s 101 girly tattoos you’ll wish you had this summer. I have one and even I don’t know what it means, some dude in a bar just kept shouting at me to “Get the palm tree!”. It seems to have just become some mark of the people that sort of surf and hang out in places like Bali without actually experiencing any of the Indonesian culture at all. But hey, we’re all a lot more attractive now that we’ve got tattoos right?

    World map (a.k.a compass, airplane etc. )

    Ok you travel, cool. Do you think that all the people you’re meeting in these hostels while travelling do not also travel? Is this your way of branding yourself so you and your free spirited people can find each other and give each other egotistical high-fives and so that the normal people can immediately recognise you as better and more worldly than them? Also when have you ever, in all your impressive amounts of traveling, actually used either a map or a compass.


    When the road ends, the journey begins, right dude? The definition of adventure is ‘an exciting or very unusual experience’ the irony in the act of thousands of people getting this same thing tattooed is fucking brilliant.


    What the hell is a glyph anyway? Google glyph tattoos and you’ll find tables of symbols and their meaning with seemingly no origin. They have no historical background or set shapes. That arrangement of lines and dots on your arm that you think means strength only actually means that to the one guy who sat down, drew some shapes, gave them some meaning and posted the picture on pinterest. The miscellaneous section of one of these tables has a tiny wine glass which means ‘drinking’ followed by a small circle which means ‘baby’. What is this language? Where is it coming from? Can I make up a language? If we can all make up languages whenever we feel like it then are all languages arbitrary? Why am I even trying to be a writer if it’s all just arbitrary anyw…

    So now you’ve got even more to add to your hostel drinking game! We’re having way too much fun doing this so keep ‘em coming!

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