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    Will You Hurt Yourself While Travelling?


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | July 4, 2018

    Will You Hurt Yourself While Travelling?

    Tried and tested ways to feel better about ruining your body daily while travelling

    Picture this: it’s been yet another huge night out in a city far from home. You’ve ended up in a stranger’s bed absolutely shit-faced, smelling like a brewery and feeling like you’ve taken a hammer to the head. It’s the fifth night in a row. You’ve got a permanent hangover. You wake up, gather your shit that you’ve somehow managed not to lose and drag your soulless body out into the blaring daylight. You feel like you might never recover, like something inside of you has died. Never fear, eager young traveller, there are ways to come back from this as impossible as that may seem. This is certainly not our first rodeo, and lucky for you we’ve got the hot tips and the hook ups to keep you going for at least another round of festivals.

    1. Eat a hearty and delicious breakfast

    Every seasoned drinker knows that a good breaky is the first step to recovery. When you’re with us, we take the hard work out of getting up, showering, (or not, if that’s how you roll) choosing a cafe and deciding what to eat. All you need to do is roll out of your (or someone else’s) tent, crawl on over to Stoke Eats for a goddamn good feed lovingly prepared for you by our onsite chefs. Hooray! You’re well on the way to recovery!

    2. Get into a little downward dog (we mean the yoga pose, but open to interpretation)

    It’s important to remember that you’ve most likely neglected your body pretty thoroughly and it’s not responding well. Chances are, you’ve been moving and grooving in all kinds of wacky directions and haven’t taken a single second to stretch it out. The solution? Easy! Get yourself to one of our morning yoga classes for the chance to get bendy, get zen and realign your chakras for another night of ridiculous antics.

    3. Get salty

    Salt water is the cure for most things, and nothing quite like a bit of time in the ocean to cleanse you of your sins. After a big few days at a festival, continually feeding your body unlimited (yep, you heard that right, unlimited) amounts of beer and sangria, you’re gonna need to get yourself to the salt water, stat. There’s no better place to relax, unwind and recharge than at our San Sebastian Surf House. Only a short drive to the beach of Zarautz, with daily surf lessons by beautiful long haired yahoos who know their shit on the waves, there’s nowhere else you’d want to recover.

    4. Do absolutely nothing

    There’s no written rule about recovering from a monster hangover. If your way is to do sweet fuck all, then by all means do exactly that. Chill out on the tanning deck at the surf house, have a siesta on the floating daybed, lay in your actual bed and sleep for hours… Whatever you need to do get your blood pumping and you back on the horse, do it.

    5. Man up, have another beer and plan where you’re going next

    This is probably the most effective option, the cause is the cure right? Plus, nothing gets you up and about like booking your next festival, next surf trip or your next bender in a new city. Head on down to the bar, ask for uno cerveza por favor, whip out your stoke passport and make it happen. Running Of The Bulls? Stoked In The Park? La Tomatina? BBK Live
    ? You name it, we’ve got it. The good news is, once that’s done and you’ve made it through the first beer, you’re back baby, it’s game on.

    We’ve given you all the tips you need, the rest is up to you. Kick that hangover and keep on partying, it’s the only way. Grab your stoke passport now and get out of here! 

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