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Prague: Police And Justice In One Night


Posted by Stoke Media Team
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Prague: Police And Justice In One Night

The perfect combination in Prague

It was the end of a very fun, very long, fucked up night. Tired, sweaty and freezing cold in the early morning air, my two friends and I had stumbled out of a club somewhere in the Prague back streets just in time to catch the 4.30 a.m. tram into the city.

Like many public transport systems in Europe, the Prague trams run on an honour system. I don’t even know how much a ticket in Prague costs – like many other transient swine, I’d happily go without honour if it meant a few more coins rustling around at the bottom of my back-pack. Usually, riding the tram for free is easy to get away with: the doors to the tram open, you step on, sit down, and blink your eyes innocently at the old lady who turns around in her seat to glare at you in all of your dishonourable Stoker glory.

This particular night, though, it all went wrong. The doors opened, we stepped on, sat down. The doors shut. There were three other people on the tram. Before I had a chance to sweep their faces for judgmental looks, Judgment itself was standing in the aisle, casting its shadow down over all of us. By judgment, I mean one tram warden and two policemen. Fk-e4ingvon, sIelf w, sur ignTravay weep thec5e, S2e:40px7ar nig, Sntrol-w-' 1ic5e,2es gunsory.

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