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    Global Hobo | That Time A French Dude Kidnapped Me

    Global Hobo wrote: That Time A French Dude Kidnapped Me Like most Sundays, I wake tasting stale whiskey and drooling on myself, naked. I wake up cotton mouthed in an…

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    Global Hobo | How To Survive A Season In Ibiza

    We’ve all heard of it – a season in Ibiza Ibiza is renowned across the world for being the party capital of Europe. With its crystal blue waters, white sandy…

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    Global Hobo | La Tomatina Is Insane

    LA TOMATINA IS INSANE, BUT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GO At first glance, it’s easy to see why people might snub La Tomatina as a tourist trap. As the day begins,…

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    Global Hobo | Time To Get (Oktober)Festy

    Time To Get (Oktober)Festy Famed author Charles Bukowski once drunkenly scribbled down a truly interesting piece of writing about society, about God, and about beer. The festy piece read: “For…

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    Global Hobo | Freedom from my reflection

    Looking in the mirror is a routine part of the day. In the morning when you get dressed, brush your teeth, again before you leave the house. Then in the…

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    The South African | Take a plane to Ibiza

    Avicii is playing at the swanky Ushuaia every Sunday from 10th July until 28th August. Other insane artists like Afrojack, Tiesto, David Guetta, Hardwell, Martin Garrix and Multi Ply will…

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    Global Hobo | Travelling Insomnia

    Everyone’s been there. It’s 3am, and you’re annoyingly, inexplicably awake. You roll over left and right like a Turkish kebab, but in vain. The blanket of sleep isn’t arriving, and…

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    New Zealand Times | Barcelona: A bit of Everything

    When planning a vacation, you usually need to choose: city or beach? Activities or culture? Fast­paced adventure or leisurely meander? Luckily in Barcelona that needn’t be the case because with…

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    Beyond Blighty | Where to stay in Barcelona

    Deciding where to stay in Barcelona isn’t easy. Accommodation can be quite pricey, with even hostels setting you back around €20 a night for a crowded dorm room with cramped shower facilities. When…

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    Year 13 | Go HAM At These Top 5 Euro Festivals

    Europe is renowned for its insane festivals. From alcohol-related to food fights to to running from giant bulls, they do all manner of crazy things in the name of tradition…

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