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Empregos de viagens na Europa


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2 anos ago | Setembro 26, 2017

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The best travel jobs in Europe at Stoke Travel

What better way to spend the summer than roaming around luscious Europa? Think of the events, the festivals, the parties! But… just the problem of funds, right? Well, I have the perfect solution for you. Come work for Stoke Travel! Stoke visits San Vino, Correndo dos touros, la Tomatina, Sziget, Oktoberfest, the list goes on. What do you get in return for working these stellar events? Well, my friend, we’ll hook you up with free booze, accommodation, food, and the chance to meet thousands of like-minded/open-minded travellers. Stoke offers the best travel jobs in Europe!

Now, what should you do before, after and in-between festivals? The fun doesn’t have to stop and the party doesn’t have to end. Here are a couple of job opportunities we think might tickle your fancy.

The Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl offers unlimited alcohol and the chance to party where the locals party. What’s your job? To make that sound as appealing as possible to fellow partiers and get them to come join you on the pub crawl. Drunken Monkey has already done half the work for you! Work for a couple of weeks or a couple of years. Not to mention you’ll have the chance to get weird in Prague. What’s there to do in Prague, you ask? Visit the world’s only Sex Machine Museum, a pub with headrests above the urinals, and drink the best beer in the world. Check it out Aqui.

Don’t like the sound of the pub crawl but wanna shake it up in Prague? Why not check out the party guide, promoter, party girl, hostess, or entertainer positions on the Prague Boat Parties. There’s only one catch – you need to be a party animal. Find more details for these killer opportunities Aqui.

Prague not your style? How about Krakow? Legend has it this glorious city was founded on the defeat of a dragon. Krakow boasts over 900 alcohol licenses in the small Old Town alone, so party opportunities are endless. Work for Krawl Through Krakow who do nightly pub crawls, starting off with an hour of free booze, shisha, and drinking games. Then head around to all the coolest and craziest bars and clubs Krakow has to offer. Check out the gig Aqui.

Now that you’ve got a way to fund your travels and party at the same time while doing one of the best travel jobs in Europe. All that’s left is to book your flight. See you party animals soon!

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