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    10 Ways For European Travellers To Save Money


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    6 years ago | June 19, 2018

    10 Ways For European Travellers To Save Money

    There’s nothing finer in our young adult, adult, and elderly adult lives than travelling Europe. Oh the culture! The civilisation! The way they don’t mind when we act so uncivilised! Travelling Europe is such an important rite of passage between being a youngster growing up in your hometown, and having Europe make you realise that you cannot possibly live there anymore.

    But it can be so expensive! Europe costs so much sometimes, especially to new travellers who don’t really know how to have a great time and keep their pennies heavy in their pockets. Well, lucky for you we’ve done the hard yards and learnt through pain, loss and good times just how to save money while on the road.

    Pay attention to this list, because if you follow these 10 pieces of advice, not only will you spend less money in Europe, but probably return home fucking loaded!

    1. Attend Stoked In The Park Pamplona
      Music festivals are such a part of the European experience, but once you’ve paid the entry fee (fair) then you have to find accommodation (difficult) sort out all your meals (this is getting full on) and then buy all of your drinks. But at Stoked In The Park for €60 per day you get to see Art Vs Science, have your accommodation included in the ticket price, as well as breakfasts and dinners and for for an extra €10 per day we’ll open up our unlimited beer and sangria bars to you. Money = saved right there.
    2. Sail Croatia with Stoke
      Much like all other sail Croatia deals, Stoke’s isn’t that cheap – boats that don’t sink, captains that don’t sink them, etc cost money. The big difference between Stoke’s sail Croatia trip and others, however, is that we have an open bar onboard (seeing a trend here?), so that while on other boats you’ll be burning money on beers on the boat, while with Stoke you can drink as many as you want (trust us, it will be a lot).
    3. Use Stoke Travel to transfer between Barcelona and Valencia
      You’re going to La Tomatina, right, well instead of paying for your Stoke stay separate to you transport, combine the two of them and ride on our private coach with us. We’ll pick you up from central Barcelona and take you directly to your accommodation. Or ride with us from Barcelona or San Sebastian to Pamplona for Running of the Bulls, or even London to Munich for Oktoberfest. Chances are, that from wherever you are we can get you a ride to where you’re going and save you some serious cheddar.
    4. Camp in Ibiza with Stoke Travel
      Ibiza is one of those places you’ve just got to visit on your Europe trip, but have you seen how expensive accommodation is! Food! Drinks! This is an island that caters to Russian oligarchs, Arab princes and… scumbag travellers just like you thanks to Stoke’s Ibiza Beach Camp, situated on the water and with accommodation and breakfast included in the price, you’ll be saving money, making friends and working on your tan.
    5. Combine your surf lessons with your accommodation and meals package
      So you want to become a shred dog while travelling, and you’d be mad not too – Europe has some of the best beaches for learning to surf in the world, not least of which because they’re home to Europe’s coastal culture, including a very relaxed attitude to bikini tops and speedo bottoms. But surf lessons are expensive, as is accommodation near the beach and your post-surf sandwich… well the Stoke Travel San Sebastian Surf Camp combines all of the above in the one neat little package and with licensed and experienced Australian surf instructors to boot. So not only do you save money, but some beautiful Australian surf god/goddess might just save your life too.
    6. Make the most of Stoke Travel’s open bar before you hit the Oktoberfest beer halls
      Oktoberfest is on the bucket list for sure, it’s the world’s biggest beer party, probably the world’s biggest party devoted to any particular booze, and those beer halls are hallowed tents of tens-of-thousands of revellers tipping back steins and paying in excess of €10 for each one! And while that’s eminently worth the pasta, you can save serious dough by loading up on beers in our world-famous campsite bar beforehand.
    7. Sail the Barcelona coastline on a Stoke Travel boat party
      Won’t your friends back home just be desperate with envy when they see you sailing the Catalan coastline of a sunset, admiring the way the day ends over the Barcelona city skyline. Well imagine how envious they’ll be when they realise that you only paid €50 for the experience, including two alco-mo-holic beverages and a BBQ. Hot damn! Money saved!
    8. See wine country on Stoke’s San Vino trip
      Wine country in Europe is something very lovely that you should squeeze into your trip, but not exactly cost effective. Nobody thinks budget when they think about going wine tasting. Well, guess who visits Spanish wine country with the intention of catching one of Europe’s coolest festivals and seeing La Rioja, one of the world’s premier red-wine producing regions… you guessed right, Stoke Travel do. And like everything else it’s all-inclusive, with an open bar, so you just know you’ll be saving money here too.

    That’s only eight ways to save money while you’re travelling Europe, we know, but the ninth is so big it should be worth two. The ultimate way to save money while travelling Europe is to get yourself a Stoke Travel Passport, which will allow you to visit four of our destinations and trips and have three nights all-inclusive in each, which means you’ll get 12 nights of Stoke Travel joy for only €550. That way you can tick off four of our money saving tips from above, or get yourself two passports and do them all.

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