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    6 Things to Know Before Coming to Ibiza


    Posted by Stoke Media Team
    5 years ago | December 17, 2018

    6 Things to Know Before Coming to Ibiza

    Ibiza is great. Ibiza is lovely. Ibiza is very popular with tourists, but even still, a lot of people arrive to the island under-prepared and end up paying the price. In this here handy guide we’ll point out a few things that commonly trip up the unsuspecting traveler, so you won’t make the same mistakes.

    1. It’s sunny, you will get burnt

    You are not special. You do not get to exempt yourself from the all conquering powers of the sun and its blistering ultra-violet rays. That giant, gaseous ball of fire is further away than your mind can comprehend and yet it is still able to burn your skin off if you stay still for long enough. Australians and Kiwis may lay claim to having built up some level of immunity to the sun’s rays due to there being a hole in the ozone layer over that part of the world or some such, but all this does is put them in further danger due to their complacency. Find some shade, put on some sunscreen and don’t ruin your holiday by having to constantly apply aloe vera to your disgusting, sunburned, flaking skin.

    2.There’s more to Ibiza than clubbing

    No shit. While most are aware of the island’s world-class, heaving party scene, many are surprised to learn that the island is comprised of more than just a strip of nightclubs and a beach. It’s a big island, 570-something square kilometres (that’s 220 square miles for those of you playing along at home) of island paradise for you to explore. There’s deserted beaches, rolling pine forests, rugged rural areas, stunning coastlines and hills for you to hike up and down. The best way to experience it is to get your own wheels and see as much as you can. You’ll be surprised at just how breathtakingly beautiful the island is.

    3. Ibiza town is pretty amazing

    Surprisingly enough, the main city of the island is a UNESCO world heritage listed old town. You can walk along the fortified walls, take in the views over to neighbouring island Formentera, get cultured in museums and galleries, explore the laneways, eat amazing food and watch the beautiful locals and holiday makers go about their daily lives. All without a stag or hen’s party in sight.

    4. The best beaches are not the most popular

    The best beach you’ll visit on Ibiza is the one you have to search for. Not only will it be amazing in its own right, but you’ll have the added satisfaction of having discovered something for yourself. Maybe you drove down an unmarked dirt road, took some advice from a local or found yourself there watching the sunrise after a mind altering experience at Amnesia, it doesn’t matter, you’ve just found your favourite beach on the island. It could be rocky, it could be sandy but the water will be crystal clear and several different shades of blue. You might even make the short ferry trip over to Formentera, which the guidebooks tell us is home to Europe’s actual best beaches.

    5. The clubs open at midnight, unless they don’t, then they close at midnight

    If it’s clubbing you want, it’s clubbing you’ll get in Ibiza, but be prepared for some late nights as most clubs don’t throw open their doors until midnight. That means you’re not really having a proper crack unless you’re stumbling back home anytime before 6:00am. If that’s a bit too daunting for you, and you don’t want to write the following day off completely, then give one of the open air day parties a go. Venues like Ushuaia, Ibiza Rocks, Ocean Beach and even the old abandoned zoo run parties that start in the afternoon and run until midnight, providing the perfect opportunity so soak up the Ibiza party atmosphere but leave you with enough energy to be a good tourist the following day. Or you could just go straight from the day parties to Amnesia. Your choice.

    6. It can be pricey

    Ibiza certainly has a reputation for being a glitz and glam destination that makes the most Russian of the oligarchs feel more than comfortable, but that’s what makes it an interesting place to visit. You never know who you’re rubbing shoulders with either on the dancefloor, on the beach or at the bar. That doesn’t mean you need to have the resources of a Russian billionaire to experience the best the island has to offer. Ibiza’s scenery and beaches, it’s greatest assets, are absolutely free. You can soak in as much of that as you want, and you won’t get sick of it. The things that can cost you an arm and a leg are clubbing and accommodation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about it.
    The number one thing that will burn your cash faster than you can figure out how to say “Ibiza” properly will be the price of drinks at nightclubs. We’re talking €10 for a beer and €15 for a vodka, lime and soda. That is just not sustainable for the average traveler. Pre-drink like a champ, so you only need a couple of drinks throughout the night to keep your tongue from from permanently attaching itself to the roof of your mouth and to keep your beer buzz going.
    Accommodation can also be expensive, especially if you’re looking to put yourself in a nice villa or an apartment that has seen far too many things in San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa. Think outside the box, stay out of town, you’ll save some cash and you’ll see some more of the island.

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    *Clap!* *Clap!* Congratulations, you made it this far to our special bonus tip! Our Ibiza Beach Camp is what will turn your good Ibiza experience into an amazing one. It’s located on the crystal clear waters of Cala Martina, in the picture perfect north-east of the island. Close enough to go to the clubs when you want to, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle for you to enjoy the best of the island’s natural assets. It’s all set up with your tents and beds ready to go. We have a shady communal area with beer pong tables and new friends ready to meet you. We spend our days by the beach cliff jumping, snorkeling and relaxing. You get a hearty cooked breakfast and lunch daily. By night we head into the clubs, or sip beers on the beach under the stars. Last but not least, for €10 per day, you can indulge in our unlimited beer and sangria. That’s €10 for all of the beer and sangria you’ll need at camp each day. That’s the same price as a single beer at one of the clubs. Unlimited beers. Ibiza. Absolute madness, we know.


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